17 Borderline Genius Moving Hacks That Will Actually Make Your Move Easier

We tested the most recommended moving hacks and are telling you the ones that are actually worth using during your next move.

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Let's be real, we all can agree that moving is not fun. However, these moving hacks make your life way easier.

Before I moved, I researched all of the most recommended moving hacks. I decided to test them all out as I moved into my apartment last weekend.

I'm going to be honest, most of them were really stupid. Like really, really stupid. 

Today, I am going to show you the moving hacks that actually were helpful and made the move way easier.

This post is all about the best moving hacks.

Best Moving Hacks:

The moving hacks below were all ones I used and really thought worked. I highly recommend you trying them out for your next move!

1. Use the hanger + trash bag trick.

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This made moving my clothing SO MUCH EASIER. Highly, highly recommend doing this hack.

Not only does this moving hack ensure that your clothes do not get dirty in the moving process, but it also allows you to stick them right into your closet. This takes away the time of putting clothes back onto hangers which believe me, surprisingly takes a lot of time.

Here's how I made this moving hack work the best:

  1. While clothes are still hanging, rubberband about 15 hangers together (15 hangers and clothing was the maximum number the trashbags could handle for me). It makes it SO much easier when you rubberband the hangers together.
  2. Take trash bag and put a hole in the middle of the bottom (so opposite side of where the ties are).
  3. Stick your hand through that hole and put it over the hanger.
  4. Tie the trashcan at the bottom making sure that all clothes are tucked. That way they won't drag on the ground and get dirty.

I would highly recommend watching my Youtube video on moving hacks above because I show exactly how I did it.

By doing it that way, it makes it SO much easier and causes less of the trashbags to rip. 

2. Have an "Open First" box.

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Having an "Open-First" box allows you to put everything important that you need for that first night.

In my case, I actually used my laundry hamper but another great idea is using a trash can which doubles its use. 

Make sure that you take the "Open-First" box with you in your car to ensure it doesn't get lost in the moving process.

Here's what I had in my "open-first" box:

  • Toilet Paper
  • Paper Towels
  • Scissors
  • Toothbrush + Toothpaste
  • Shampoo + Conditioner + Towels
  • Pajamas
  • Outfit for the next day


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3. Before you move, purge everything.

Before you move into your new home/apartment, go through every room and closet making sure to get rid of anything you don't want or use anymore.

This allows you to move into your new home and not have clutter around that you will never end up touching.

I did this and ended up donating six (yes SIX!) big trash bags to GoodWill of clothing. So basically, my old wardrobe is making up my local Goodwill right now haha.

4. Use clothes/scarves/towels to wrap breakable items.

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Instead of buying expensive packing paper, use items you already have to protect breakable items during the moving process.

I ended up wrapping all of my bowls, candles, and other fragile items with my new towels I had purchased for my apartment. I was going to pack the towels anyways so it was a win-win situation.

5. The first thing you do when moving in...make your bed.

This is something that I was taught years ago and have done ever since. 

One of the first things you should plan on unpacking in your home is getting your bed setup and your sheets on it. This instantly makes it feel like more of your home.

I also found that we were up until 3:00am unpacking the night we moved in and the last thing I would have wanted to do would have been figure out where everything was to make my bed.

6. Label the SIDE of your boxes, not the top.

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THIS IS A HUGE MOVING HACK! And something that I totally forgot I did but instantly regretted.

You have to label the sides of your boxes so that when you set them on top of eachother you can still see what is in the box.

Because I labeled the top of the box, when they were all stacked I no longer remembered what was in every box and it made it super annoying.

7. Get smaller boxes.

Another huge moving hack!! I got large moving boxes and they were too big. 

Like so big that at least two people had to carry them. When things get put in them it gets way heavier and makes it so much more awkward to carry up and down the stairs.

8. Get free boxes from Uhaul.

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(Photo by Andrea Piacquadio)

Uhaul has an amazing program in place where they allow customers to recycle their moving boxes and let other customers use them. This means that almost always, Uhaul has free boxes that you can use!

And let me tell you, boxes are expensive! I purchased all new boxes and am going to save them in my garage until my next move because of how pricey they were.

9. Send Amazon packages straight to your new apartment/home.

*this hack may be dependent on if you're moving to a house or an apartment*

Instead of ordering things to your old home and having to find a place to pack them for your new home, start shipping the products directly to your new home. 

This is what I did and when I moved in I had a ton of Amazon boxes sitting there for me. If you're worried about this, call the front desk of your apartment building!

ALSO! If you have Amazon Prime, the week before you move put a grocery list together on Amazon Fresh. The night before you move in schedule the groceries to be delivered to your new home. 

That way you don't have to worry about getting groceries but still have fresh food!

10. Get a free 7-day trial to Amazon Prime for your groceries.

If you don't have Amazon Prime, they offer a 7-day free trial that you can use the week you move to your new apartment. 

Click here to get your FREE 7-day Amazon trial.

11. When labeling boxes, use index cards and packing tape.

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When labeling boxes, use index cards and packing tape so that you can remove them and reuse your boxes.

If you label directly on the box, the next time you move you will have to cross it off and relabel which will make the box look super messy.

This also helps if you are packing a bunch of miscellaneous things. On the sticky note you can write down everything that is in there so you never forget.

12. Take out entire dresser drawers.

If you're moving shorter distances, I recommend taking out entire drawers from your dresser.

That way all your clothes remains in there and you can simply slide it back in. Easy-peasy.

13. Pack socks into your boots and shoes.

Socks in general are an awkward thing to pack because they usually end up going everywhere. A way to use them in multiple ways is by actually sticking them in your shoes and boots.

14. Fill your hard suitcases with things.

I had two hard suitcases that I filled to the brim with things.

You already are going to have to take your suitcases but it actually makes it super easy because of how the suitcases roll.

15. Pack cleaning supplies in its own box.

Pack cleaning supplies in it's own box especially if you are moving out of an apartment.

One of the last things you do when you leave an apartment is some cleaning and everything can get super unorganized and complicated if you have cleaning supplies mixed in with a lot of other products.

16. Use sticky notes on boxes and walls to easily know where things belong.

Put the same color sticky note on coordinating boxes and rooms. For example, I would put a blue sticky note on my bedroom door and then any box that is suppose to go into my bedroom also has a blue sticky note on it.

This makes it so much easier to know where things go and will definitely be appreciated by your friends and family who are helping you move. Movers too!

17. Tape screws and bolts on the back of the furniture piece.

moving hacks videos

If you are taking apart furniture, it is essential that you don't lose the pieces for it. 

An easy way to make sure you never lose them is by putting the pieces in a ziploc bag and duct-taping them to the back of the furniture piece.

I have done this with my bed for every move and so wish I had a picture of it!


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This post was all about the best moving hacks.

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