20 Ways to Double Your Dollars and Save Money in 2020

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Lets start the New Year saving big!

Whether youre looking for short-term deals or long-term savings solutions, we know both strategies work best when theyre used together! Kick-off the new 2020 decade with these effective ways to save money in the New Year!

1. Meal plan for the week.

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Meal planning is a great way to save money. If you know ahead of time what youre going to eat each day, chances are you wont be spending money eating out! Plan around grocery store flyers and coupons to grab great deals on food sales, opt to buy generic brands instead of pricey name brand products when it makes sense, and make sure to pack a lunch for work!

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You may be able to possibly save even more money (and save yourself time!) by ordering online and having your groceries delivered. Grocery delivery options like Shipt,Instacart, orPeapod(where available) offer an easy way to stay away from those tempting and unnecessary goodies you might scoop up shopping in the store!

Hip Tip: Your local grocery store may offer a grocery pickup option. Depending on the grocery stores you live nearby, you can usually opt for grocery pickup instead of delivery so basically all you need to do is arrive at the store, wait for your groceries to be brought out and loaded into your car, then youre on your way its so simple!

See why Collin LOVES this service.

2. Start a piggy bank or money jug.

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This year, start saving your pennies, literally! Small bills and coins can really make a change. We recommend using a piggy bank or a small neck jar (that way you wont be as tempted to take the money back out) and weve even got the perfect free printables if you want to keep them labeled.

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3. Declutter your home.

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Spend some time after the holidays to clean out all those unused toys, clothes you dont wear, and knick-knacks that are making your house feel claustrophobic. Need some help? Print out our free declutter checklist to get your home in tip-top Marie Kondo shape.

Once youve done a cleanout, rake in that money and host a yard sale! One persons junk is anothers treasure, after all! Even better, get some friends together and compile your belongings for one big yard sale or rent a common space. Not only will you have fun doing it, but youll also increase your chances of selling more items.

Hip Tip: After you figure out what you really need and dont need, check out these practical tips for ways to get your garage organized.

4. Bring out your inner domestic side.

Cleaning Fridge
Mend those holey clothes youve been staring at all month rather than toss them out. Cook weekly meals instead of choosing to eat out. And even if you have help from occasional cleaning crews like some of us here at Hip2Save, you can space out their visits to alleviate service costs.

Clean around the house when you can, and even put the kids to work to have a few extra helping hands.Youve got this!

5. Cancel subscriptions and memberships.

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Dont waste money on luxuries youre not even using! While so many great monthly memberships are worth every penny, theyre not worth your hard-earned money if youre not benefiting from them. Most memberships are hassle-free with a cancel-at-any-time policy, so say bye-bye to membership fees and start saving now!

Hip Tip:One subscription were huge fans of is meal box deliveries! Theyre easy, convenient and its less time you have to spend thinking about cooking. Have you seen which one is our favorite yet?

6. Start saying No.

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We dont have to devote ourselves to every commitment in life just because a friend asked us to do something. Constantly saying Yes to things you might not always want to do can result in more money spending, emotional stress, and tirelessly running around. Be content with saying no sometimes, and enjoy the peace of just staying home without spending the money.

7. Reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Re-purposing Pant Hangers

Get the most use out of something by reusing instead of tossing it away. Re-purpose pant hangers as chip clips, and even use one as a clever cookbook holder! Also, try to buy gently-used items when you can, rather than buying them new. Ive found so many great deals on Facebook Marketplace when I would have normally spent a fortune ordering it brand new online! Not only is this more cost-effective, but it also benefits our environment.

Hip Tip: Check out these fun hacks for16 clever ways to get organized with trash!

8. Get rid of debt.

Using a Calculator to Get rid of debt

A little too obvious, maybe? I mean, everyone wants to pay down debt, but sometimes you just dont know how or where to even start! We already know that Collins triumph against $40K in debt is impressive, but were here to help YOU too!

Our 10-week Financial Boot Camp is new around here and when you sign up for free, youll get access to our actionable ways to beef up your savings and challenge yourself to new techniques that you probably werent using before.

9. Download some helpful budgeting apps.

digit app review  rainy day account transactions

You can download budgeting appslike Digit that saves your money for you behind the scenes. After connecting your bank account, the app assesses how much money it can transfer into savings based on your spending habits to ensure it never transfers more than you can afford!

10. Grow a garden.

gardening fresh tomatoes in a bowl

With a little help from blogs, YouTube, and your local garden center, you can achieve a green thumb! Any knowledgeable gardener can help guide you to the perfect beginner seeds for your area so you can fill a garden with yummy fruits and vegetables.

Growing your own crops will help save you money during harvest season. And even if you cant eat them all, you could sell them to locals or swap for other fresh foods!

11. Carpool to work and events.

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Gas is expensive. Save money and share the ride to work with a nearby coworker or even offer to take turns driving together with friends when you go out for a night on the town!

Hip Tip:Are you in the market for a new car? See how Angela saved money and time by buying her brand new car from her couch while wearing pajamas.

12. Cut down or get rid of your cable.

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Either get rid of your cable altogetheror take some time to call up your cable company and save over $200 and reduce your monthly payment.

More often than not, if you ask to cancel or tell them youre switching to one of their competitors, theyll likely offer you a better deal than what youre already paying. At the very least, theyll be able to find you a more suitable package that fits your budget.

Hip Tip: Thinking of ditching the cable all together?! Lina successfully cut the cord in favor of streaming services. Plus, you can even watch some of your favorite programs for cheap or FREE!

13. Switch banks or open a new account.

Bank Checks

Check out other banks nearby to see if theyreoffering promotionsto switch, such as prize drawings or tempting cash incentives. Just be sure to check the conditions of the bank first, like monthly checking account fees or minimum balance requirements (you dont want to end up paying more than you are at your current bank).

14. Take advantage of freebies.

ihop pancakes strawberry whipped cream stack

Who would turn down free pancakes? If you enjoy getting out of the house for dinner and activities, check out all of these places that offer incentives when you join their loyalty program! While restaurants like Red Robin, IHOP, and Famous Daves offer free mealsfor your birthday, they also give you freebies just for signing up to receive their emails! Once youre in, youll get email notifications with promotions throughout the year.

If youre feeding a whole family, check out how kids can eat for FREE at restaurants that honor free meals for kids on certain days!

15. Switch to autopay.

collin with auto pay verizon screen on computer

Want a simple andquickway to save money every month? Many monthly bills come with a discount when you switch to automatic payments. They can even be conveniently set up on the billing website via your computer or mobile device.

Hip Tip: Companies like T-mobile also give their customers the opportunity to win free stuff every week!

16. Use the 30-day rule.

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Get rid of the urge to splurge and wait 30 days to buy higher ticket items. Chances are when the 30 days are up, youll realize you really dont need to buy it after all! Take some shopping advice and techniques on minimalism from our Hip2Save Sidekick, Michelle:

After watching a documentary on Minimalism I decided to rethink the way I was buying. My house is stuffed with stuff and I have so many clothes, its ridiculous.

I actually started a fun challenge with myself to wear all of my clothes. When I hang up laundry, I put it on one side of my closet and the non-worn items stay on the other side. When I get dressed in the morning I force myself to choose at least one item from the non-worn side!

After putting a halt to buying stuff for awhile. I cant believe how much time not shopping has freed up! I dont shop for fun and I have a default NO! when it comes to buying new things. If I truly need something, then I force myself to get rid of a similar item. Michelle

17. Spend cash, dont swipe plastic.

a man with cash in his hand

Using cash rather than a card makes you more mindful of your spending. Obviously, this only works for purchases made in person, but that still accounts for much of your discretionary spending.

A great tip for online spending, to avoid the convenience of ordering from your couch, is to delete your saved credit card information from your favorite food delivery and shopping websites. This will likely make those 2 AM insomnia purchases less frequent, because who wants to get out of bed to grab their card when theyre half asleep?!

18. Stay in, not out!

save more money 2019 easy tips  lina cooking dinner

Choosing to stay in, rather than going out, can reduce your amount of expenses. Its much more cost-effective to host a dinner party on a budget and invite friends over rather than to pay at a restaurant or bar. And if you have young kids, chances are youll be saving money on a babysitter, too!

19. Travel with flexibility.

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Have a fun vacation planned for the spring or summer? If you can be flexible with your dates, youll find that hotels and airlines will offer drastically different prices depending on the day of the week you plan to fly. Additionally, prices vary week to week and season to season. Traveling off-peak could end up saving you hundreds of dollars!

To save even more, you could just bring a carry-on. Even better, if you need a rental car, Bryn shared an easy 5-minute hack that saved her close to $200!

Hip Tip:Want more travel tips? You can browse our top travel deals right here!

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