Clothesline Clips 20 Pack

Clothesline Clips 20 Pack

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Keep your wardrobe an organised paradise with the range of clothes hangers from L.T. Williams. If you ever need to hang clothes hangers directly on your clothesline, these innovative Clothesline Clips are for you! Simply attach one of these clips to your clothesline and hang your hanger from the clip. This will prevent your hangers from sliding up and down the clothesline, keeping them in place for good!

Perfect for use in caravans or when line drying delicate items, this pack of 20 Clothesline Clips is compatible with the Hang Tight system, as well as most typical clotheslines and indoor airers.

Explore the rest of the L.T. Williams storage and organisation range available at Soko & Co which are perfect for using in conjunction with this item.



- Innovative product

- Stop clothes hangers sliding up and down your clothesline

- Compatible with the Hang Tight system and most clotheslines and airers

- Value pack of 20 clips



2cm diameter x 5cm H