Freestanding 11 Arm Airer

Freestanding 11 Arm Airer

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  • Folds for easy storage
  • Hanging ridges and holes for secure hanging
  • Each Ridged Arm has 9 holes and 9 ridges to take a maximum of 18 hangers
  • Each Peg Arm has 3 hanging pegs and a hook on the end
  • Maximum weight capacity: 15KG 

Ideal For:

  • Air-Drying of clothes
  • Hanging of ironed washing
  • Airing out your laundry
  • Clothes hanger for guests/spare room
  • In your garden/on your balcony
  • Portable for camping/caravanning/motorhome holidays

Product Specification:
173cm (H)Diameter: 62cm
  • Base Area: 545mm x 545mm
  • Ridged Arm Length: 290mm
  • Peg Arm Length: 260m