Hanging DPN Organizer Striped Decor Fabric

Hanging DPN Organizer Striped Decor Fabric

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Stash all you double point needles with this multi pocket hanging organizer in a classic striped decor fabric in colors of burgundy, navy, olive and beige.  This fabric is subtly embossed with a floral motif.

This organizer consists of three rows of pockets. It will accommodate double point needles from 4 to 9-inch lengths. There are 9 pockets on the first row for the shorter lengths . The second and 3rd rows will accommodate your longer needles. There are a total of 23 pockets for needles with the final pocket wide enough to accommodate a standard needle gauge and other miscellany. Each pocket will accommodate 5 or more needles.

It hangs from two tabs. Tabs are sewn approximately 7-inches apart, enabling you to hang it in your closet from a clothes hanger, using minimum space. It fits a high quality plastic hanger with indentations perfectly. Or, hang it from pegs for a pretty display of your double point needles.

The overall dimensions of the organizer are approximately 18 x 12-inches.

Needles and plastic hanger are not included.

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