Harbour Housewares Wooden Children's Clothes Hanger - White

Harbour Housewares Wooden Children's Clothes Hanger - White

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Keep kids' clothes neat and tidy and inject some fun and colour into their wardrobe with this White Wooden Children's Clothes Hanger from Harbour Housewares.

Crafted from sturdy wood with a stainless steel hook, this hanger is perfectly sized for smaller clothing.

Supremely flexible, this coat hanger can also be used for holding trousers and dresses - your complete clothing storage solution!

Available in a variety of vibrant colours, mix and match or stock up on your little one's favourite.


Smaller Size Hanger - Ideally suited to smaller size clothes

Durable Wooden Frame with Chrome Wire Hook - Optimum blend of lightness and durability

Built-in Trouser Bar - Save space and hang your trousers and shirt or blazer on one hanger

Twin Notches - Securely store dresses, cardigans and scoop neck tees

Available in a Wide Range of Colours - To suit any bedroom decor

  • Width: 350mm
  • Depth: 12mm
  • Height: 200mm