Harbour Housewares Wooden Clothes Hanger - Black

Harbour Housewares Wooden Clothes Hanger - Black

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Keep clothes neat and tidy and kit your wardrobe out in premium style with this Black Wooden Clothes Hanger from Harbour Housewares.

Crafted from sturdy wood with a stainless steel hook, this hanger sits perfectly within any home or hotel decor. The use of a chunky wooden frame over cheaper, lighter metal wire offers better preservation of your clothing's shape due to its larger surface area.

Use to hang coats, jackets and shirts, hang trousers over the horizontal bar or use the twin hooks at each end to hang dresses or secure cardigans and scoop neck tees.


Durable Wooden Frame with Chrome Wire Hook - Optimum blend of lightness and durability

Built-in Trouser Bar - Save space and hang your trousers and shirt or blazer on one hanger

Twin Notches - Securely store dresses, cardigans and scoop neck tees

Available in a Wide Range of Colours - To suit any bedroom decor

  • Width: 440mm
  • Depth: 12mm
  • Height: 230mm