Laurastar Lift + Black Iron with Dry Steam Generator

Laurastar Lift + Black Iron with Dry Steam Generator

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Compact and light, the Laurastar Lift+ is the first steam generator with a handle that lets you take it everywhere, from the ironing board to the clothes hanger.  It is as effective for a final touch on a hanging garment as for ironing a shirt on the board itself.  Also, the Laurastar Lift+ is ready to use in just 3 minutes, so you can wear your beautifully ironed shirt in no time.  It automatically turns off after 10 minutes of non-use for safety and energy savings. 

The Laurastar Lift+ also features Pulse Steam, the 3D Active Soleplate, and a Professional Iron.  Pulse steam is the latest Laurastar innovation, which diffuses the steam in short intermittent pulses, guaranteeing optimal distribution and perfect results regardless of the material or color of your garments.  The 3D Active Soleplate diffuses steam evenly, eliminating creases in a single movement and refreshing the fibers so your clothes stay beautiful for longer.  The Laurastar Lift+ also has the exclusive Professional Iron, which also diffuses an ultra-fine, yet powerful steam that adapts to all fabrics and enables vertical steaming.  Its rounded shape helps to prevent unwanted creases.

Smart Features:
Easy to carry handle
Secure compartment for the iron
Steam cord storage
Removable water tank
Easy to place on floor with its feet
Insulating mat for warm iron

Included Accessories:
Anti-scale filter x1
Steam cord holder
Protective soleplate for delicate fabrics

Professional Iron: Ultra-fine, powerful steam
Steam Pressure: Constant pressure, 3.5 bars
Ironing Time: Unlimited
Water Tank Capacity: 37.2 oz
Dimensions (H x W x L): 17.8 x 11.1 x 11.1 in
Device Power: 1700W (for 120V systems)
Iron Weight: 2.2 lbs
Total Weight: 12.1 lbs