Glamour Velvet Hangers™ (Set of 10)

Glamour Velvet Hangers™ (Set of 10)

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The Glamour Collection: Velvet Hangers are non-slip, velvet-lined hangers that add spice to your closet while saving tons of space!

Color coordinate your closet and prevent clothes from piling up on the floor. Non-slip velvet hangers keep clothing securely on the hanger and your closet looking fabulous.  Slimline hangers take up half the space of regular clothes hangers.

Our hangers are ultra slim to save even more space than other velvet hangers, yet they are very flexible and sturdy to hold both delicate and heavier clothing items.

Sold in sets of 10, select from the following 4 colors:

  • Light Pink Velvet
  • Coal Black Velvet
  • Winter Ivory Velvet
  • Slate Gray Velvet