10 Helpful Hacks for Organizing Baby Gear

Babies require a lot of stuff! It’s a blessing to be flush with adorable outfits, cute baby blankets, and all those diapers and lotions, but it can be difficult to figure out the best way to organize it all. Try these clever ideas and essential products from Etsy, Amazon and more to keep the nursery and all your baby gear neat and functional.

1. Closet Size Dividers
Babies grow fast, so you’ll want a variety of clothing sizes readily available. Closet dividers hang right on the clothing rod to keep all those different sizes in order. These Wooden Nursery Closet Dividers ($19.99+) from Etsy shop The Good Grain Designs are handmade with the size labels in two convenient locations so you always know what you’re grabbing.

2. Drawer Dividers
Another way to organize all the numerous and tiny baby clothes, especially socks, is to use drawer dividers in the dresser. Look for dividers that have small and large options, like these fabric ones ($9.95-$39.99) from mDesign. Since baby clothes can be hard to fold, try a rolling method. Dividers are also a good way to organize small blankets, burp cloths and towels.

3. Under-Crib Storage
Below the crib is prime nursery space for storage of extra blankets, bulk diapers and wipes, seasonal or bigger-size clothing, toys, and stuffed animals. Measure how high the bottom of the crib rail is, and look for slim fabric or plastic bins, drawers or baskets that will fit. For ease of use, try this Under Bed Storage with Wheels ($59.99) from storageLAB that easily slides out from under the crib. When your child moves to a big-kid bed, it will work there too.

4. Storage Cubes
For standalone storage, cubes with or without bins are a versatile organization tool for any room. They can hide or display clothes, blankets, books, toys or even lotions and wipes. This space-themed 12-cube plastic storage unit ($39.99) from SONGMICS has an out-of-this-world design and doors to hide baby gear. For a more versatile option, we like this 6-bin organizer bookcase ($200) from Threshold, where the shelves can be left open or filled with bins. Look for fabric bins to match the nursery decor. We love these Organizix Foldable Animal Storage Bins ($14.99) from Organizix that feature an adorable selection of animals.

5. Changing Station or Dresser Top Organizers
The flat spaces on top of furniture—changing tables, dressers or small bookshelves—have lots of organization potential. Baskets are great for all the diapers, creams and wipes you need at the changing station. They also work for collecting and organizing small supplies, like nail clippers and files, pacifiers and chew toys. These WarmHome Storage Baskets ($32.49) have a convenient handle and are collapsible when not in use. The HOMEVAGE Diaper Caddy ($17.99) has lots of compartments in different sizes. With a flat bottom and large handles, it can sit on a tabletop or double as an oversize diaper bag.

6. Closet Door Hangers
Since hanging baby clothes won’t take up a lot of space, there is room for storage elements in the closet. A door hanger for the inside of the closet works for stuffed animals, small blankets, extra diapers and wipes, and shoes or booties. Look for one with clear or mesh windows, like this Univivi Door Hanging Organizer ($32.99), so it’s easy to see what’s there at a glance.

7. Wall Shelf with Pegs
For frequently used outerwear or baby slings and carriers, a wall shelf with pegs, hooks or a rack is a nice way to store them. The shelf is perfect for photos or mementos to give it a nice design element. The peg colors on this handmade Wooden Peg Rail ($44.95+) from Etsy shop Quailwoods can be customized to fit in with your nursery design needs.

8. Hanging Storage Bags
Storage bags with handles can be hung on the pegs of a wall shelf or rack, hung in a closet, or in some cases affixed to the ceiling. They are great for toys and stuffed animals or any other gear you want close at hand. We love the whimsical look of this Rainbow Hanging Pod set ($26.99+) from Etsy shop Feeding Pickle. These Hanging Mesh Space Saver Bags ($14.97) from Coastal Rose fold up to store almost anywhere when not in use.

9. Bookrack
When storing books, a bookrack is a streamlined alternative to a traditional bookshelf. The Madison 4-Shelf Bookrack ($249) from Pottery Barn Kids saves space, secures to the wall, and allows books to face forward so you and baby can see all those beautiful cover illustrations. A bookrack isn’t limited to books either, so you can use extra shelves for other items, like toys.

10. Quilt Rack or Ladder
There are some things you want to store but not hide away. A quilt rack or ladder is a design element that doubles as storage. Instead of hiding baby’s handmade blankets and quilts, a rack or ladder both displays and stores. To make it safe for mobile little ones, look for a design that mounts to the wall, like the Small Blanket Rack ($46.90) from Etsy shop Wood Mountain Design.

Katie L. Carroll


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