10 RV Upgrades You Can Do In 10 Minutes

RV interior with RV upgrades

10 RV Upgrades You Can Do In 10 Minutes

Whether you are only using your RV for weekend getaways or you are living the full-time RV life, these are quick and easy RV upgrades that you can add to your rig without investing hours for results. 

There are low-cost options you can choose from, or you can go high-end with the items available.  Pick and choose to create the look that matches your personality or needs.

1. Shower drain catcher

A drain may not be a glamorous upgrade, but if you are tired of clogged drains and standing feet deep in shower water, check out the options available.

Some companies refer to them as a drain mushroom.  When searching for the right one, read reviews closely.  It is nice the pricing is minimal.  If you try one out and it doesn’t work, it doesn’t take much investment to keep digging up a different ‘mushroom’ drain catcher for your shower. 

Make sure you find one that is specifically designed to let water through, but functions as a hair catcher.  It should also be easy to pull from the drain hole and remove hair.

COST:  About $13, Amazon

2. Decorative baskets

You can snag a basket that catches your eye anywhere. I would recommend checking out thrift stores where you not only pick them up for a few dollars apiece, but support local non-profits at the same time. Maybe you can even drop off something you don’t need to carry around in your RV anymore!

Baskets can help with organizing items together in your cabinets.  You can also slip unsightly items into them, so you still have easy access.  And in larger baskets, you can hide things, but it can still be a part of your décor. 

COST: About $24 on Amazon (or less at the thrift store)

Making use of baskets for vines

Making use of baskets for vines

3. Shower curtain

Shower curtains are the easiest way to add a touch of flare to your RV bathroom. They will help you add a splash of color, or you can stick to your color scheme. 

If you have shower doors, you might consider changing over to a shower curtain.  They are much easier to clean.  You can also select mildew resistant and washable shower curtains.  Or make your clean-up job even easier by purchasing an inexpensive shower curtain and replacing it on a regular basis. 

Try out a curved shower rod as well. It will give you more room in the shower, but will maintain the shower curtain at one end while your RV is moving.

COST:  About $16 on Amazon

New shower curtain and curved shower rod

Adding a new shower curtain is one of the easiest RV upgrades

4. Step covers

Whether you have an RV, van, trailer, or fifth wheel, step covers are the first thing you notice when entering. You can get them in colors to match your RV as well as different textures and lengths. 

Measure your steps in advance so you know what size to order.  Also note if you have extra wide or curved steps.  Texture can be important in providing you with slip resistance.  Select the texture and stair length size based on the type of environment you will be spending the most time. 

The more twigs, dirt, and debris you carry in on your feet, the more coverage area and texture you will want to acquire.  Depending on the use of your RV, you will expect to replace them about once a year for full-time use, maybe once every few years for less use.

COST:  About $40 on Amazon

5. Backsplash

You can choose a simple peel-and-stick backsplash, or you can use a bonding glue for metal, paper, or wood for a backsplash. Choose peel-and-stick when you want the option to change out the feature, and opt for the bonding glue backsplash if you want a more permanent upgrade.  

This is a great two-fold fix because you get both a new look and an easy clean-up behind your stove or sink.  Backsplash comes in sheets or squares, and takes relatively little resources to cover the small kitchen or bathroom areas.  I even added extra backsplash around the edge of my shower for extra slip-resistant stepping.

COST:  About $30 on Amazon

6. Magnetic knife strip

I really enjoy this upgrade because it helps in so many ways. It clears out my limited drawer space, puts the sharp object within easy reach, and prevents potential cuts while searching around.  I also put my kitchen shears, paring knife, and pizza cutter on the strip. 

There are a few tricks to make a magnetic knife strip work in a RV.  First, turn all the handles to the top, letting the hilt rest against the top of the magnetic strip.  For the pizza cutter, I stick it to the end of the strip so it can’t swing.  We have been over some rough roads and had straps come loose outside the RV, but my knives have never moved.  Make sure you get a strong magnet and mount it to a wall where it will have some strong screw support.

COST:  About $20 on Amazon

7. Fake plants

Plants can help add life to your RV.  I know plenty of people who have green thumbs.  They can keep live plants going.  Not me.  But I have found that fake plants not only work for me because I don’t have to keep them alive, and I also don’t have to carry around extra weight in the planters with dirt and water. 

Look for realistic plants for the right upgrade.  Be prepared to dust them every so often.

I also use hanging decorative baskets with planter hooks.  The light weight makes them no problem when moving the RV.

COST: About $50 on Amazon

Cloth Hanging Baskets of Palm Leaves

Cloth hanging baskets with palm leaves

8. Foldable footlocker

There are some very decorative foldable lockers available. You can use them as footstools, hide items inside them, and they are stackable.  They come in various sizes, designs, and colors.  When you don’t need them, you can easily fold them and put them away under your bed.

COST: About $17 on Amazon

9. Non-slip hangers

This is one of the best RV upgrades because it’s effortless and saves you time. With non-slip hangers, you don’t have to keep re-hanging clothes every time you move your RV.  

COST: About $40 on Amazon

Coat hanger rack with jackets, vests, in garage

Coat hanger rack with jackets, vests, in garage

10. Spring rods

Most experienced RVers know we can use spring rods in cabinets to keep products from bouncing out of the shelves. But don’t forget to use them for what they were originally made for.  Put up a spring rod and drape a cloth or curtain over it to hide cubby holes you don’t want to look at or others to see. 

I have an upper bunk in my RV that I use for an ‘attic’ instead of a bed.  So, I placed a spring rod in front of it, and have a valance hanging over it.  It’s great because it doubles as a closet hider, but it also gives the illusion there is a window behind it, making the area appear larger.

COST:  About $10 on Amazon

The great benefit of these RV upgrades is they are not only quick to set up, but you can also choose extremely low-cost options and still get beautiful and functional results.  I hope you enjoy recreating some of these 10-minute upgrades in your RV!

RVers looking for valuable how-to information have learned to go to the experts. Forums such as iRV2.com and blog sites like RV LIFE, Do It Yourself RV, and Camper Report provide all the information you need to enjoy your RV. You’ll also find brand-specific information on additional forums like Air Forums, Forest River Forums, and Jayco Owners Forum.

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