100+ Things To Get Rid of Today

Are you looking for things to get rid of today so you can clear out some space in your home? Ready to declutter? A lot of the clutter in our lives is stuff weve just gotten used to. Its become so much a part of our environment, that we dont even notice it anymore.

Declutter and organize the home with these easy decluttering ideas. Post includes a free printable list of 100+ things you can declutter today!

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A lot of the clutter weve been hanging onto is stuff we can throw away. Or recycle, give, donate, or repurpose (within reason its not a good idea to hoard recyclables).

Not sure how to dispose of your decluttered items? Heres a guide to figuring out what to do with the stuff you get rid of.

Why Its Important to Get Rid of the Easy to Declutter Items First

Watch this video that explains why its better to start with the easy decluttering decisions:

If youre looking for ideas for things to get rid of, heres a growing list of suggestions and inspiration:

Things to Throw Away

  1. Receipts you no longer need.
  2. Old magazines and newspapers.
  3. Earrings without mates.
  4. Socks without mates.
  5. Socks with holes.
  6. Socks that are quitters.
  7. Dead or nearly dead plants.
  8. Toiletries you dont like.
  9. Random scraps of paper.
  10. Dry cleaner hangers.
  11. Plastic hangers that come with clothes from the store.
  12. Cords for cell phones you no longer own.
  13. Old computers.
  14. Old printers.
  15. Old electronics.
  16. Glasses you no longer use.
  17. Sunglasses you no longer use.
  18. Change (collect it in a jar and take it to a bank or Coinstar machine to exchange for bills or gift cards).
  19. Broken toys.
  20. Junky toys.
  21. Doubles of photo prints.
  22. Scarves you dont wear.
  23. Old rugs that are rolled up and taking up space in your basement or garage.
  24. Old candy.
  25. Expired food.
  26. Worn out bras and undergarments.
  27. Expired coupons.
  28. Costume jewelry you dont wear.
  29. Cosby Show sweaters.
  30. CDs you dont listen to.
  31. DVDs you dont watch.
  32. Cleaning products you dont use.
  33. Extra rags you dont use.
  34. Mops and brooms you dont use.
  35. Plastic shopping bags (stores will sometimes take these back).
  36. Broken vacuums and sweepers.
  37. Old margarine and yogurt tubs.
  38. Old sneakers (sometimes athletic shops will take these).
  39. Dusty candles youre not going to use.
  40. Hideous vases and bowls.
  41. Vases you got for free with a flower delivery.
  42. Crusty, dried up Dryel packets.
  43. Dried up hand warmers, foot warmers, etc.
  44. Old makeup.
  45. Dried up nail polish.
  46. Calendars from past years.
  47. Phone books.
  48. Broken or torn luggage thats beyond repair.
  49. Small hand sanitizer bottles with just a little of product left inside thats impossible to get out.
  50. Bumper stickers you dont plan on using.
  51. Bumper stickers you are using that need to be taken off your car.
  52. Greeting cards with no sentimental value.
  53. Hotel or sample-sized toiletries great for donating to shelters!
  54. Snacks that continually get passed over.
  55. Old cookware especially the stuff that could be hazardous.
  56. Pens that dont work.
  57. Mechanical pencils that are stuck or always get stuck.
  58. Old, nasty pillows.
  59. Old invitations.
  60. Lame mugs.
  61. Stadium cups.
  62. Old shirts with armpit stains.
  63. Labels and address stamps for your previous address.
  64. Broken or unused holiday decorations.
  65. Hand soap that smells revolting.
  66. Crinkled up or torn wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags.
  67. That grocery list you forgot to take to the store.
  68. Cell phone covers for phones you no longer own.
  69. Forgotten cords from electronics of the past.
  70. Preferred shopping cards from stores you never shop at. If your store lets you input your phone number instead of showing your card, you can also get rid of your plastic one.
  71. Keychains from the past that you dont use. Especially the ones you got for free.
  72. Keys from old apartments, houses, storage lockers, etc.
  73. Textbooks that are never referenced. Yes, they would make great doorstops, but its time to let them go.
  74. Extra buttons (usually packaged in their own little plastic baggie!) for new clothes you bought.
  75. Expired medications take to a medicine take-back event.
  76. Super-old or nasty cough drops.
  77. Boxes of tissue with only 3 or 4 tissues left. Consolidate the leftovers into one box and get rid of the extra tissue boxes.
  78. Syringes and cups that come with childrens medicines. Keep what you need in case of a family sickness, and get rid of the rest.
  79. Bandages in packages that look like they might start decomposing right before your eyes.
  80. 3-D crafts made of sourdough that are cracking and falling apart, despite their cuteness.
  81. Your old 90210 posters.
  82. Games with lots of missing pieces.
  83. Stuff youve been keeping from your past career. Keep your certifications. The rest is probably outdated anyway.
  84. Old video games.
  85. Items in your pantry that you really dont want to eat. Donate it before it expires. Someone out there needs it.
  86. Organizing gadgets that didnt work for you. Maybe theyll work for someone else?
  87. Duplicate kitchen items.
  88. Old kitchen towels.
  89. Old paint. Call your local waste disposal company and find out how to get rid of it safely.
  90. Boxes for things you bought toys, phones, computers, etc.
  91. Plastic cutlery bring it to work.
  92. Plastic containers you dont use.
  93. Loose screws, nails, nuts, bolts.
  94. Pet toys your pets dont use.
  95. Snacks for your pets that they dont like.
  96. Unused cookbooks.
  97. Extra lanyards, name tag holders, etc.
  98. Gift cards use them up! I try to load my Amazon gift cards onto my account as soon as I get them.
  99. Excess packaging supplies bubble wrap, old mailers, the plastic puff things that come in delivery boxes.
  100. Dried up dish sponges.
  101. Old sunscreen. Apparently sunscreen loses its potency after a year. I learned this the hard way.
  102. Plastic bags from the dry cleaner.
  103. Never opened goodie bags from birthday parties I wish this goodie bag trend would go away!
  104. Almost empty bottles for bubbles. Consolidate them into one bottle and get rid of the rest.
  105. Broken bubble blowing gadgets. Save the batteries if theyre still good.
  106. Dried out markers.
  107. Perfume or cologne you dont use or like.
  108. Broken lawn furniture unsuccessfully mendedwith duct tape.
  109. Chewed up sippy cups.
  110. Chewed up baby toys.
  111. Toys your pets chewed up.
  112. Old plastic baby bottles that probably have BPA.
  113. Old water bottles that probably have BPA.
  114. Stretched out hairties.
  115. Souvenir beer steins and shot glasses. Keep if youre still active in your fraternity.
  116. T-shirts, and sweatshirts from college and high school. If donated, a youngster might appreciate their vintage quality.
  117. Headbands, scrunchies, barrettes, banana clips, and other hair accessories youve grown out of.
  118. Best friends necklace for friends you no longer keep in contact with. These things only created problems, no?
  119. Remotes to devices you no longer own.
  120. Old tape players, 8-track players.
  121. Things youve been saving for projects that never happenedtoilet paper rolls, Altoids tins, wine corks, etc.

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Declutter and organize the home with these easy decluttering ideas. Post includes a free printable list of 100+ things you can declutter today! #declutter #organizing #organize #organization #decluttermyhome

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