133 Stupid Things Kids Did That Adults Just Had To Share (New Pics)

Kids aren't the smartest. Sure, one moment they might drop a philosophical and poetic line that seems to tap into some universal truth and make you wonder about it for the rest of the day, but the next they might be shoving a straw into an orange, trying to have some juice.

So let's take a minute and have a little innocent laugh at them, shall we? I mean, people who witnessed our, let's call them, less fortunate moments have certainly had so it's only fair we enjoy what the younger generation has to offer too, right? We earned it.

That's why we at Bored Panda put together a new list of pictures that capture children at times they seemed to have no idea how the world actually works. Continue scrolling to check out the images and fire up our earlier articles here and here to catch up on the series.

#1 Kids Will Be Kids

Image credits: exilegrimm

#2 My Son Thought This Light Switch Would Control The Lights In The Store

Image credits: IHateDolphins

#3 My 10-Year-Old Nephew Told His Mom He Doesn’t Know How His Phone Broke. He Just Woke Up And It Was Like That. A Few Days Later She Finds He Posted This On Youtube

Image credits: SisteroftheMoon16

#4 How Do You Expect Kids To Live With Such Narrow Minded Parents?

Image credits: matty80

#5 My Niece Just Made Everyone Friends And Said "No Fighting". I Can't Stop Laughing

Image credits: rashdash

#6 Crying Because She Found Out Her Mum’s Real Name

Image credits: IrfanMirza

#7 We Found My Wife’s Phone In The Toilet Yesterday. We Weren’t Sure Which Of Our Three Kids Put It There Until My Wife Scrolled Through Her Pictures Today

Image credits: footeperu

#8 He Refused To Let Me Help Him Order His Food Because He's A "Big Boy". Now He's Sitting Mad As Hell With His Egg On A Hot Dog Bun With Jalapeños And Black Olives

Image credits: me_irl_but_online

#9 Toddler Got Her Hands On Hair Removal Lotion Instead Of Her Dad’s Hair Gel

Image credits: gumberry

#10 If You Look Closely, You Can See My Son Hiding From Me

Image credits: tardis15

#11 My 10-Year-Old Brother Is Stupid As Hell

Image credits: bekal69

#12 No Stupid Questions. Just Stupid People

Image credits: LeratoWittes

#13 Just Found Her Chilling Here For Over An Hour

Image credits: Pikafishy

#14 My Nephew Wanted A Portrait Of George Washington. Thank Goodness He Didn’t Want A Portrait Of Ben Franklin

Image credits: Marabakes

#15 Ahh Yes, That's Reasonable

Image credits: henpeckedhal

#16 He Didn't Want His Shoes To Get Wet, So He Put Paper Bags On His Feet And Waded Into The Ocean

Image credits: WhoIsTheUnPerson

#17 It Makes 1 Hour That They're Looking For Their Car Keys That Their Kid Buried Inside The Sand

Image credits: Deimos_PRK

#18 Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Image credits: DanSpenser

#19 Important Questions For The Doctor

Image credits: amalt

#20 Time To Renew

Image credits: jibinjohn369

#21 "Mommy, There's Green Goo Coming Out Of My Waffle!" -My 6-Year-Old Son

Image credits: princessbuttercat

#22 At Age 8, I Achieved My Lifelong Dream Of Becoming A Piggy Bank. That's A €0.10 Coin On The Way Out

Image credits: Daedross

#23 Hide And Seek With My Niece

Image credits: mrpogo88

#24 My GF Works At A Daycare

Image credits: darC_Jak

#25 Me At 3 Years Old, Having A Meltdown, Because My Parents Sold Our Car, Little Blue

Image credits: kayasannes

#26 She Dressed Herself. It's Definitely Backward

Image credits: ImOKatSomeThings

#27 My Little Sister vs. The Roomba

Image credits: pil0t_g2

#28 My Son Said He Was Hot And Wanted Ice Cream. This Is Not What I Expected

Image credits: PotentialApathy

#29 "I Promise I Didn't Cut My Hair"

Image credits: cyktic

#30 Dropping The Phone Will Hurt Grandma

Image credits: not_thenanny

#31 Just Lost My Foot After A Motorcycle Accident. This Is The Sticker My Son Chose To Decorate My Brace

Image credits: roersmat

#32 My 3-Year-Old Is Angry Because The Beavers Keep Chomping On The Tree

Image credits: Juan911411

#33 Well It Was Definitely One Of You

Image credits: joeheenan

#34 My Brother And I Met Our Favorite Super Hero (The Hulk) When We Were 4. We Were Frustrated Because Lou Ferrigno Wasn’t Green

Image credits: DustyPlumper180

#35 He Asked Me For A Straw For His Orange Juice. Minutes Later I Remembered We Didn’t Have Orange Juice And Went Back To See This

Image credits: Da3013

#36 Playing Hide And Seek With A Toddler Is Always A Thrill

Image credits: KingD88

#37 Gonna Save A Bunch Of Money On College

Image credits: HenpeckedHal

#38 Would Not Stop Crying Until She Got Her Own Cone Of Shame

Image credits: Obese_hairnet

#39 A Couple Of My Son's Hiding Places:

Image credits: meowmixalots

#40 Did I Do Something Wrong?

#41 Now That Sofa Is Cursed

Image credits: theellenshow

#42 Some Kid Stuffed A Cheeseburger Into The Computer At School

Image credits: GizmoGeek1224

#43 I Cut The Crust Off My Toddler's Sandwich So She Would Eat The Whole Thing. I Came Back To This

Image credits: that_fresh_life

#44 My 5-Year-Old Made A Cat Food Bath For His Sister

Image credits: reddit.com

#45 We're Playing Hide And Seek, I Don't Know If There Is Any Hope For This One

Image credits: wcslater

#46 I Told My Daughter She Couldn't Take Clothes Off The Hangers And Try Them On So I Got This

Image credits: Amdh

#47 His New Favorite Spot. Climbs Up, Can’t Get Down, Cries Until We Come Get Him, Repeat

Image credits: ipickscabs

#48 My Son's Upset Because I Don’t Believe The Dog Made The Hole On Our Yard

Image credits: McChicken6677

#49 That Went Downhill Fast

Image credits: HomeWithPeanut

#50 Don’t Talk To Me

Image credits: smenzer

#51 So I Found My 9-Year-Old’s “Lost” Yoshi Toy In My Freezer

Image credits: d8ms

#52 Oh My

Image credits: Tobi_Is_Fab

#53 Times Are Weird. Kid Was Given A Cash Register Set From Grandma On Christmas And Has Been Using The Scanner To Take Our Temp All Day

Image credits: brianwolftv

#54 My 4-Year-Old Won't Stop Laughing About This Donut Smiley Face That's Wearing Sunglasses And Has Two Mouths

Image credits: Wompum

#55 2-Year-Old Put Crayons In The Dishwasher. There's No Coming Back From That

Image credits: CharmingTuber

#56 Yes, It's Totally Cool To Put Flower Stems In An Outlet

Image credits: mindshards

#57 My 2-Year-Old Is Crying Because Some Of His Art Isn’t Going On The Wall

Image credits: vtfb79

#58 My Son Was 6 When He Was Helping Us Move. Each Year This Memory Pops Up And It’s A Family Favourite

Image credits: pianoman1969

#59 The Neighbourhood Kid Loves My Cat And Insists That My Cat Loves Her Back. This Picture Accurately Shows How Much Kitty Loves Her

Image credits: Kissegrisen

#60 This Is Pure Torture And They're Just Feeling It

Image credits: intohishead

#61 My 2-Year-Old Put A Silver Dollar In The Shredder

Image credits: AvrgBeaver

#62 Dinner Time

Image credits: linksfan_

#63 It Seems Directions Were Needed

Image credits: u/Scanning_Darkly

#64 My Nephew Insist On Watching Youtube On Vertical Mode, And Cry Otherwise

Image credits: Fionik

#65 Baby Geniuses 2: Electric Boogaloo

Image credits: raquelportilho

#66 My Son's Best Friend Refuses To Eat The Crust On His Pizza Rolls

Image credits: jsunkd

#67 Just Watched My Toddler Take Off Running And Run Straight Into Our Wall. Didn’t Even Try To Slow Down. What Were You Thinking Dude

Image credits: AmandaKathleen

#68 Kid Causing A Traffic Jam At Legoland

Image credits: Bigringcycling

#69 I Love When The Evening Light Brings The Bite Marks Out In Our Sofa

Image credits: RedBirdChi

#70 "This Seat Will Do Nicely For My Diaper Butt!"

Image credits: Barnhay

#71 My Three-Year-Old Son Found My Hair Clippers

Image credits: speculatrix

#72 Happy Father's Day

Image credits: whatamidoinghre

#73 Now This Sofa Is Like A Big Chocolate

Image credits: theellenshow

#74 Hide And Seek, Yep

Image credits: LittleMissEmmet

#75 Having Fun In The Sandbox

Image credits: FootParmesan

#76 I Just Have To Post This So I Will Always Have The Memory

Me to my class: "Okay boys and girls, hang up your snacks so we can go into art class!" I laughed so hard! I love kindergarten!

Image credits: pBr_R1ot

#77 My Toddler Found A White Ink Pad And Immediately Turned Into Saruman

Image credits: DonWFP

#78 A House Of God

Image credits: postgameforlife

#79 Look Mum. I Am An Artist

Image credits: vladrichdemaclant

#80 One Of My Four Children Dumped A Half-Gallon Of Milk In The Freshly Filled Pool

Apparently, the two that were present at the time blamed the other two. Their names are I don't know and not me

Image credits: ontimpaul

#81 Seeing A Comic On The Internet Reminded Me Of This Brilliant Decision My Son Made. He Really Wanted A Minion I Guess

Image credits: nday79

#82 My Niece Is 4, And We Are Playing Hide And Seek In This Picture! To Be Fair She Did Look For Me For 35 Minutes After I Left The House (Forgot To Say Goodbye, Allegedly)

Image credits: RRM1982

#83 My Baby Is Trying To Escape The Car To Play With A Baby In Another Car

Image credits: Fast-Focus7399

#84 My Child Has Tons Of Toys And Is Playing With An Onion

Image credits: DarkDayzInHell

#85 The Pan I Use To Make Her Favorite Food Got Broken And She Was Convinced We Would Never Be Able To Eat It Again

Image credits: blakesmate

#86 Smells Like Raspberry And Tastes Like Wood

Image credits: amandaksilver

#87 I Can't

Image credits: MeikakFG

#88 Imaginary Friends Vibes

Image credits: henpeckedhal

#89 I Mean It's His Banana. Right?

Image credits: ballingerfamily

#90 I'm Currently Babysitting, I Walked In On My Niece Doing This

Image credits: Dom_33

#91 Looking After My Friend's Little Cousin, And I Wake Up To Her “Making Her Own Breakfast”

Image credits: Firealarm32

#92 A 1st Grader Asked Me If This Was Supposed To Be The Among Us Guy

Image credits: Ditto2130

#93 My Nephew Is Shooting For The Stars

Image credits: jimbabwe12

#94 Wrangled All The Seats Put Of The Minivan, Got 30 Seconds Into My Vacuuming When Suddenly It Shuts Off And A Kid Starts Crying. Kid Was Fine By The Way

Image credits: MeanMugSJ

#95 Today My 8-Year-Old Took Branch Cutters To The AC Unit Just Because He Likes Tools And Tinkering. Bye Bye Freon

Image credits: sderponme

#96 It's 1AM. My 8-Year-Old Brother Came In My Room And Told Me We Have To Crack This Random Stone Open Because There Might Be A Crystal In It That Makes Us Rich

Image credits: VIP0403

#97 This Kid Walked In With A Confidence Most Can Only Dream Of After His Mom Told Him To Go Get A Mask Out The Car. It Was Clean

Image credits: PM_ME_YOURE_HOOTERS

#98 My Son Is Awesome At Hide And Seek

Image credits: smarmiebastard

#99 Kid Sleeps With His Pet Goldfish

Image credits: Simagosk

#100 This Is My 12-Year-Old Nephew Doing His Homework

Image credits: Breezie1213

#101 My Son Is Upset Because We Won’t Feed Him Dog Food

Image credits: GregBuckingham

#102 My Friend’s Kid Got Stuck In Our Cat Tower

Image credits: punch_you

#103 I Guess I Don’t Have To Worry About College With This One

Image credits: dirtmanjenks

#104 The Word Was “Jelly”

Image credits: KennethPowersIII

#105 My Son, Attempting To Climb The Stairs While Sitting In A Chair

Image credits: Jwgotti

#106 I… I Just

Image credits: pewnanner

#107 My 2-Year-Old Lined Up His Cars For The Big Race

Image credits: k2yip

#108 I’m Not Sure If She’s Stupid Or Evil

Image credits: buddhaonacid

#109 Totally Worth Losing Tears Over

Image credits: KelgoreTrout

#110 "It Really Really Hurts"

Image credits: threetimedaddy

#111 Parmesan

Image credits: simoncholland

#112 I'm Sorry Cakey

Image credits: mattufford

#113 "We'll Split The Loot 50/50"

Image credits: TheAmazingManatee

#114 Excitedly Opened The Box Of Leftover Pizza Because I Hadn’t Had Any Yet, Only To See That My Little Hobbits Ate All The Toppings And Cheese

Image credits: WifeOfSpock

#115 Maybe It Would’ve Worked If He Had Added Water

Image credits: AXECOP

#116 Kid Took A Single Bite Out Of All The Apples

Image credits: Niyi_M

#117 4-Year-Old Put Cupcakes In My Dress Shoes. Are They Ruined?

Image credits: L_i_n_u_s

#118 Not Sure If She Was Trying To Hide Or Be Funny But She Fell Asleep Like This

Image credits: Strange_Increase_373

#119 Don't Let Your Child Use Your Laptop

Image credits: craghawk

#120 My Little Brother Decided To Cut His Own Hair... With My Dad's Nose Trimmer

Image credits: NicoJoski

#121 Eats One Bite From Each Strawberry Because "It Freaks Me Out To Get Close To The White Part." Then, Puts Said Strawberries Back In Refrigerator To Be Found Later In The Day

Then acts sad and confused at mom's frustration.

Image credits: Dramatic_Gazelle81

#122 Kid In Internet Café

Image credits: pultol

#123 My Little Brother's First Attempts At Solving Labyrinths. He Is 4 Year Old

Image credits: Pistolenkrebs

#124 Future Arsonist

Image credits: all-american-angel

#125 Bean Bag Chair Exploded By Kids

Image credits: AbelNB

#126 My Curly-Haired Daughter Decided She Was Going To Use Her Stepmom's Brush

Image credits: brockm92

#127 I Told My Son Not To Throw Food On The Floor. This Is His Response

Image credits: blufrogz

#128 Vitamins? How Dare You

Image credits: slutjello

#129 We Found Signs Of A 6-Year-Old Dinosaur In Our House

Image credits: DarkTowerKnight

#130 Guess She Needed To Try Every One Of My Crumble Cookies This Morning. But Cutting Out The Middle? Pretty Sure My Kid Is A Psychopath

Image credits: jamberlouie

#131 Having To Clean Up The Mess Of Ubereats Drivers Letting Their Kids Bring My Food

Image credits: Slootsy1

#132 When I Was Little, I Thought It Would Be Funny If I Used A Bar Stool As A Jail Cell. It Didn't Work Out That Well For Me

Image credits: slamma69

#133 Two-Year-Old Was Opposed To A Diaper Change So She Screamed "Gonna Hiding", This Is Her A+ Hiding Place

Image credits: strothsloth

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