20 Energetic Upgrades to get in alignment with your next level year

With just a few days left until 2022, I’ve been busy getting my life and my home prepared for shifting into a more up-leveled year. Right now, with the energy of Venus in Retrograde and the North Node moving into Taurus for 2022…I’ve really been feeling an energetic upgrade in all areas sort of naturally. It’s time for us to elevate with the collective and make sure we are prepared for the beauty that will be coming to us this year. It’s also the start of Capricorn season (my birthday) and I always love doing a reset before the New Year so that the slate is indeed wiped clean and I feel fresh and ready for what is to come!

Here are a few ways I’ve been upgrading myself energetically.

  1. A deep home cleaning. There is nothing I love more than being at home.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a total extrovert, I love being out and about and the energy of being around people but I need my time at home. And I need a lot of it. I fully enjoy spending an afternoon in the kitchen cooking a nutritious meal, spending a full Sunday afternoon in bed or even curling up on the couch and reading a really good book with a cup of tea.

I fully love the art of domestic bliss. In fact, when I started this blog over a decade ago, that was the title. I love all things home. I’m feeling a little extra domestic these days so I’ve been cleaning out ALL of the nooks and crannies in my space, each and every little corner. As a Feng Shui expert, I know the importance of your home. Your home is always a reflection of what is going on within you so as we reach the end of 2021, you may want to reflect and see…

What is your home saying about you???

2. New Sheets & bedding. We spend so much time sleeping in bed. Almost 1/3 of our day. So, I got myself a fresh set of organic bamboo sheets in a deep mauve color, which I am obsessed with. I also got myself a new velvet duvet set for the Winter. It’s so pretty and romantic, I just love it so much. It’s also always good to layer the bed with pillows and cozy throws in colors that make you feel good and happy. Pink and yellow are my current favorites, they just make me feel so much joy at the moment.

pink room

(image via pinterest)

3. Bring in some new greenery. Plants and succulents always bring in fresh life to a space. These are my 3 favorite plants that have huge benefits for you and your home, especially your work space. In Feng Shui, plants symbolize life energy and each plant will offer you it’s renewing and fresh life force! So, essentially, plants can help clean your personal energy. An instant upgrade!

4. Cultivate a High Vibe Home. After being an interior designer for over 12 years, I created sort of a signature method that I would use for each of my clients to cultivate their own high vibe home. It’s so much deeper than decorating a space, it’s creating a home that helps you build a beautiful life. My system is broken down into 3 phases, De-clutter, Organize & Decorate. Check out my signature program, High Vibe Home.: De-clutter, Organize and Decorate for Harmony and Bliss.

5. Edit and organize your books. Here’s the deal, to be in alignment with the life you want to create, you must get rid of any books that keep you stuck in your old ways of being. Books that help you lose weight, get out of serious debt or keep you stressed out…need to go. If you are ready to elevate into your next level, surround yourself with the energy of books that launch you into your next level life. And I love to organize books in color, it soothes the mind and helps it to think more efficiently and effectively.

6. Upgrade your undergarments. Like when we sleep, we spend a lot of time in our under garments and typically at the end of the year, it’s time for an upgrade. Get rid of anything that is old, has loose threading or just doesn’t feel fresh and new. Treat yourself to some new underwear and beautiful colors that make you feel good. Hint: red always activates and adds the energy of passion and attraction. I also like to spray beautiful perfumes on all of my undergarments so they smell fantastic when you wear them.

7. Do a closet purge. Before the year ends, I like to make sure that the clothes for my next year align with where I am going. I also like to get new velvet hangers for my closet and give it a little bit of a facelift before I move into the new year. Any clothing that doesn’t make me feel chic and good about myself and my body needs to go.

8. Make a vision board. Typically, I make my vision board in January but this year I have the intuitive inspiration to make it in December, before the energy of the New Year. I want to start the year off super fresh and ready to create powerfully. This year I decided to make my vision board on a smaller board and frame it to hang in my office so I see it everyday.

9. Buy a new journal. I am the biggest advocate of journaling every single day and I LOVE starting off the year with a new journal that puts a smile on my face. I am obsessed with these cute spiral journals. You can see more about my love for journaling here or here. Also, get yourself some pens that you love using. This is a game changer when it comes to journaling.

10. Get a new wallet. Or do a massive clean out of the one you have. In Feng Shui, your wallet is a wealth activator. It’s best to have a wallet in red or hot pink for manifesting more money. Clean out receipts, throw out old/expired cards, clean out the coin purse and add in some fresh bills. Give your money station a total makeover.

11. Purge your social media + email. Delete or eliminate following any accounts that don’t make you feel empowered or happy. Anything that is sarcastic, negative or kinda brings you to a low vibe should be eliminated from your energy. Same thing with your email subscriptions.

12. Clean up your front door and pretty up your entryway. Think about how someone feels when they walk into your home because that’s energy that is moving into your life. I like to keep a selenite crystal in my entryway to purify any energy coming through my front door. Learn more about this in my ebook on Feng Shui with crystals.

13. Get a power coffee mug. I take my morning routine very seriously and when I am doing my journaling in the AM, I get very intentional about what coffee mug I use. I have an obsession with coffee mugs. I love them. I try to always get a new one during every new season of life but lately I love coffee mugs with power mantras on them. I’m on the hunt for a new one for 2022. It has to be large enough for tea or coffee and in a pretty pink color.

14. Get your phone/laptop a pretty new cover. Start your year off on a fresh tech note with a new cover. I am obsessed with the cover of my laptop, its a sparkly pink color that literally brightens my day. Because we use our tech so much, its important to experience it in a way that feels blissful and happy. Pink and yellow are two colors that make me super happy so I’ve been having so much fun adding more color to my tech. I just got this new apple watch band and I am loving how it feels as I track my steps.

15. Get your planner/calendar set up. I have the worst planner issues. I always have a hard time finding the right planner/calendar that works for my needs. I like to buy mine in December so at the start of the year I am so ready to go. Already this month I got this Filofax planner and then returned it for a spiral bound planner because the rings were bugging me. When you have your planner set up before the year starts, you will feel so much more focused and intentional.

16. Schedule your wellness appointments. I love getting all of my appointments set up for the start of the year because at the new year I feel like it goes by so fast I tend to forget. So, if I spend that last two weeks of the year setting up all appointments for the first quarter of the new year, my mind just feels more at ease. At least make yourself a list of the ones you need to do to get you started.

17. Create a list of values and intentions. More important that goals, you want to focus on how you want to feel and set your values for what is important for you in the coming year. I love to get a big sheet of paper and make out bubble maps with all of the areas of my life and the things/feelings I want to experience.

I also like to pick an intention or a word of the year. I think for 2022 my phrase is Goddess Activated. I love it.

18. Clean out and de-clutter your car. I love cleaning out the car, making sure all check ups are up to date and cleaning out the trunk. My trunk has a million things, toys, balls, strollers, etc. It’s time for a deep clean.

19. Organize your purse. Cleaning out the purse is a weekly chore for me as I typically carry things for my toddler with me everywhere I go. However, I rotate purses for Summer/Winter so it is totally time for me to pull out my Winter purse rotation and make sure that all of them are cleaned out and ready to go. You may also want to upgrade your cosmetic bags so you can organize all of the little things, too.

20. Make a list of the things you don’t want to bring into next year. In 2021, there have been so many life lessons for me. So many areas of growth and I’ve made a long list of things I am NOT going to carry into 2022. I think this is so important so you can see in front of you the boundaries you are setting for yourself and feel more confident about your commitment to sticking with it.

I don’t know about you but I am so ready to move out of 2021 and into 2022.

Join me inside my program High Vibe Home and get your home set up to align before the new year. Inside you will also get my 30-day Blissful Living Workbook that you can start with me on January. 1.

Also, tune into the latest episode of the podcast.

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