24 WTF Moments From 2021 That Left Our Jaws On The Floor

The world of showbiz never fails to deliver plenty of moments that leave us all asking WTF?, but 2021 really was a vintage year for jaw-dropping scenes.

There was plenty of oversharing, naked antics, and not one, but two terrifying celebrity snake encounters. Oh and Shakira fending off a group of wild boars in a Barcelona street.

You honestly couldn’t make it up.

The terrifying moment an I’m A Celebrity Australia contestant’s face was attacked by a snake is still giving us nightmares

It wasn’t even the year’s only celebrity snake encounter...

Coronation Street actor Harry Visinoni spotted this four-foot long python behind the toilet in his bathroom as he cleaned his teeth one night. Brrrrrrr.

Jonathan Ross oversharing about his sexual awakening was the very definition of NSFW

The chat show host revealed how he used some unusual objects to learn about intimacy in his teenage years. 

Admitting he was a late bloomer who had not kissed a girl until he was 17, the comedian said: “I didn’t know anything about sex.

“I became very interested in women’s magazines and would read my mum’s to try and pick out clues as to what women were.

“One section said, ‘How to get your man better at oral sex’. It said, ‘Peel the orange and the whole in the middle, insert your tongue’, so I felt, ’This is something I need to learn.”

He later added: “I’d read that female-to-male oral sex could be replicated with a Hoover, which was a very uncomfortable experience and not pleasant for anyone.”

We’ll never look at Henry’s smiling face in the same way ever again.

Mel Giedroyc did the absolutely unthinkable to someone’s meal while working in catering

The former Bake Off host admitted she“snotted” into a grumbling actor’s food while serving up food on a film set.

“Never, ever treat a waitress badly. You’ll end up with snot… or worse... in your food,” she warned.


Liz Hurley posed topless in the snow but had to correct the tabloids when they claimed her teenage son took the snaps

Wrong. It was actually her 80-year-old mother. Amazing.

MP Jacob Rees Mogg attempted to recite John Barnes’ World In Motion rap and... just no

This man’s gloriously deadpan walrus impression during a news interview was the very definition of WTF?

Windy Wendy Williams managed to stun herself when she appeared to burp AND fart live on air (and it is certainly not the first time)

Danny Dyer revealed he needed surgery on one of his testicles because it was the size of a ‘jacket potato’ 

(L-R) Danny Dyer and a jacket potato 

The EastEnders star, who was set to undergo a hydroelectomy, explained: “So I’ve got the biggest bollock in the world and the smallest bollock in the world. If it’s a cold day then my winkle looks like a little slug lying on an apple.”

TMI, Danny, TMI.

Gogglebox’s Pete Sandiford’s holey pants truly redefined the term ‘shreddies’

Football fan randomly scored Facetime with Maya Jama after he was pied off with a false number from a girl on his hols

Margot Robbie and Scarlett Johansson’s TikTok lookalikes  teamed up and we still can’t tell them apart from the real thing


Who do you choose?😈@russian_harley_official

♬ scream n shout - favsoundds

Nicki Minaj’s bizarre tweet about the Covid vaccine got the response it deserved

Gillian Anderson was asked a very unexpected question about Margaret Thatcher following her Emmys win for playing the (dead) former British PM

Insulate Britain protester ‘did a Piers’ and stormed off Good Morning Britain during heated interview

Victoria Beckham revealed her go-to comfort food and well, it sounded anything but

Victoria Beckham

“I like whole grain toast with salt on it. It’s that carbohydrate that makes you feel comforted and I love salt,” the former Spice Girls star revealed.

Accompanied by five pints of water, we’re guessing?

Shakira fended off wild boars after being targeted in Barcelona park 

Speaking in Spanish, the Columbian singer explained in a video: “Look at how the two wild boars that attacked me in the park have left my bag.

“They were taking my bag to the woods with my phone in it. They’ve destroyed everything.”

This isn’t the first time Shakira has found herself targeted by members of the animal kingdom. Back in 2012, she recalled how a sea lion had tried to “attack” her after she tried to take its photo on her phone during a visit to South Africa.

Gemma Collins spent £1450 on a 24 carat gold steak

The former TOWIE star said she “felt sick” at how much she’d splurged the morning after the meaty meal at Salt Bae’s London restaurant.

Brooklyn Beckham raised eyebrows when he made his cooking debut... and made an egg, bacon and sausage sarnie

Angelina Jolie attempted to make chin cuffs a thing

Angelina Jolie attends the Los Angeles Premiere of Marvel Studios' Eternals

Angelina also went shopping in when she visited London. At H&M.

We wonder if she asked to keep the hangers?

Andrew Lloyd Webber swapped the boards for the decks 

The musical theatre impresario played his first-ever DJ set to celebrate the reopening of his stage show Phantom Of The Opera on Broadway... and things went OFF. 

Carl Cox who?

And the award for Most WTF Show of 2021 goes to... Breastfeeding My Boyfriend

We think tweet pretty much sums up how everyone who braved the Channel 4 doc felt after watching.

We’re still recovering from Ellie Goulding’s tale of her dicky tum during her Coachella set

Ellie Goulding performs onstage during day 1 of the 2016 Coachella Festival

The singer recounted a particularly mortifying story during an appearance on Never Mind The Buzzcocks about when she played Coachella in 2016, while suffering from a stomach bug.

“The last time I played Coachella, I had a stomach bug,” Ellie explained. “I thought that something could happen downstairs.

“It just so happened a band – I think it was Kings Of Leon, I can’t remember – they had a cat litter which they used to pee in with other humans.”

When she was asked by panellist Jamali Maddix if she “thought you were going to shit yourself?”, Ellie replied, “Well, yes.”

She added: “There was talk about me wearing an adult [nappy].”

Ellie clarified: “I was wearing leather shorts. Look it’s not going to go anywhere! It’s not going to soak up in the leather – it’s just going to come out. So it just so happened the design included a zip all the way around so I could just run off and…”

She then added: “I had a poo trap door.”


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