5 Organizational Tips to Increasing Closet Space

There’s nothing like starting the day with a clean, organized closet. Keeping your closet neat and organized will not only save you time in finding what you need, it’s bound to increase closet space for daily use or storage. If you’re looking for ideas to maximize closet space, these organizational tips from Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix can come in handy.

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Streamline your Wardrobe

Take a good, hard look at your wardrobe and decide what’s worth keeping and what’s not. Clothes take up a good portion of your closet space and, like most people, you’ve probably got more than you’ll ever use. Weeding out old, outdated clothes you haven’t used in the last year or clothes you’ve outgrown will give you extra space for what you really use and need. Pricey clothes that are just a bit too snug can be stored away until you lose those extra pounds. This frees up hanging space for what you’re using now.  


Next, look at items that are cluttering your closet – old purses, boxes of paperwork, keepsakes, old photo albums, extra travel bags, pictures, etc. – and decide what’s important to keep and what you can get rid of. Decluttering will certainly increase closet space and make it easier to keep it organized.

Use Hang-up Space Wisely

Make wise use of your hang-up space by getting slim, space-saving hangers and grouping your clothes by size, i.e. shorter-hanging items on one side and longer-hanging items on the other. This frees up floor space for a small dresser or shoe rack or putting in a closet organizer with cubbies for shoes, purses, belts, jewelry, etc. A custom-made closet organizer from the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts of Phoenix and Scottsdale will certainly add a professional touch to the organizational aspect of your closet.

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Maximize Use of Upper Shelves

Almost all bedroom closets have upper shelves for storage. These shelves are perfect for storage bins that contain seasonal shoes and clothing, extra towels or linens, sports gear, collectibles or other valuable personal items. Use clear plastic bins so you can clearly see the contents, and keep a step stool handy for easy access to these goods when you want them.

Make Use of Closet Doors

If you’re an “accessory person” that likes to complete your look with colorful scarves, decorative belts, matching tights or other accessories, put these items within easy reach by storing them in an over-the-door organizer. This frees up shelf or dresser space for other items. Hooks on the back of your walk-in closet door offer another option for hanging purses, belts, scarves and other accessories to keep them neat and handy.

Through good organization, you can increase your closet space to optimize its use now and in the future.  

You won’t regret working with Closet & Storage Concepts! Your neighbors in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas have worked with us for 30+ years. We have completed thousands of jobs and helped thousands of families get organized. Call for a free in-home, virtual or phone design consultation!

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