50 Laundry Room Ideas for Your Apartment

Brainstorming laundry room ideas isn't usually the first thing people think about when decorating their apartments. However, as one of the most used rooms in an apartment, it can be important to keep it organized.

For those who are lucky enough to have one in their own apartment, why not take the time to add some cute and fun laundry room décor? Some of these laundry room ideas are easy enough to do yourself, while others will take a little more time and will need approval from your property manager before you get started.

Use these 50 ideas to create a space that will make doing laundry a little more fun.

Laundry room décor ideas

Decorating your laundry room is a great and simple way to define the room. Here are some decoration ideas.

1. Hang a fun wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to liven up tiny rooms, such as closets, bathrooms and especially laundry rooms.

wallpaper laundry room ideas

2. Use white paint

Keep your laundry room décor simple and crisp by using white paint. White paint can also make your small laundry room feel a little larger.

3. Paint it a fun color

Add some life to your laundry room with a fun splash of color. Even the smallest of rooms can have a unique personality with the right paint. This is an easy laundry room décor tip that can be accomplished with a simple can of paint.

4. Hang barn doors

Looking for a sleek way to cover up your laundry machines? Think about adding some sliding barn doors. They are a great way to disguise your laundry room while adding chic, colorful decorations.

5. Add art

Another laundry room décor tip is to add some art to the space. Adding art gives it a nice finished touch.

6. Hang curtains to cover

If you don't have a door to cover your machines but wish to hide them away, consider hanging curtains. This is a simple option if your laundry room is more exposed in your apartment.

7. Add lighting

If your laundry room space feels dull, try upgrading your lighting to make it brighter. This can be anything from a new lamp, light fixture or even whimsical fairy string lights.

8. Try subway tile

Subway tile is a classic way to decorate your laundry room. It's timeless and crisp and will keep your laundry room always feeling fresh.

9. Make a whiteboard wall

Add a whiteboard wall to your laundry room. It's a great space to make to-do lists, keep track of things you need or just a fun space to doodle while you're waiting for your laundry.

10. Try fun flooring

The wall isn't the only thing you can decorate in your laundry room, try adding some fun flooring. This allows you to separate the laundry room from other rooms and give it its own distinct area.

11. Add a rug

Rugs are a perfect way to update your laundry room décor. There are so many cute rugs that will add life to the space. Also, consider adding a squishy rug for support under your feet.

laundry room rug

12. Make it personal

Make your laundry room personal. There are so many ways to accomplish this, add a letter board and write fun messages, add some personal photos or notes to the walls.

13. Hang a guide to laundry care symbols

Print off all the laundry room symbols, frame it and keep it on your wall. It's not only a fun, themed décor but it's also very helpful when washing your clothing.

14. Add a cork board wall

Don't want to ruin your walls with tape and pushpins? Add a corkboard. This way you can hang everything you want from photos to to-do lists without hurting your walls.

15. Go retro

Why not go retro with your décor? Make a fun themed laundry room with a retro-looking washer and dryer retro art.

16. Add some plants

Plants make every room lighter and brighter. Keep small plants in your laundry room to make it feel less dark.

17. Hang vinyl stickers

Don't want to make any permanent decoration choices to your laundry room? Try out vinyl stickers. By using wall safe stickers you can re-do your laundry room décor over and over again.

Laundry room organization ideas

Keeping your laundry room organized is essential. These organization tips below will help you keep your laundry room feeling fresh and put together.

18. Use separate bins

Using separate bins for everything from clothing to detergent is a great way to keep your laundry room organized and clean. By using separate bins you'll keep your small space clutter-free and more accessible.

19. Add a shelf

As mentioned above, it's important to create extra storage space if you don't have much provided. There are so many cute shelving options these days to pick from. By adding some shelves, you allow yourself extra storage space for detergent, drying sheets and other cleaners, all while keeping it within reach.

20. Hang a drying rack

Hang a drying rack to the wall as an extra space to hang delicates that need to be air-dried. These are usually small and don't take up much space in your laundry room.

drying rack

21. Stack your machines

If you have high ceilings in your apartment stacking your machines is a great way to save some space.

22. Organize and display your supplies

Keeping your laundry room organized is essential. There are many ways you can do this with things such as bins, baskets, etc. If you add shelving and want to do a more open display, make sure to keep your products clean and organized to create a nice-looking display.

23. Don't forget your fury friends

The laundry room can be used for more than just washing clothes. It's a great place to store your pet's food, litter box or if it has a sink, it's a great place to wash your pet. Keep the space fun and inviting with some treats or toys. Keep in mind it's always a good idea to store non-pet-friendly products out of reach of your fury companion.

24. Add wall hooks

Add some hooks to your walls to store things, such as bags, hangers dog supplies, etc.

25. Put in a closet space

Have some extra closet space you're not using? Why not store your washer and dryer in there? It's a smart way to keep them hidden while also utilizing existing space in your apartment.

26. Just do a washer and air dry

If you don't have a lot of space in your apartment consider just having a washing machine and air drying your clothes. This allows for more space while accomplishing the most important part of the laundry.

27. Use the kitchen

Washing machines are often found in the kitchen in many small European and American apartments. It's a smart way to utilize unused space and it also takes up no more room than a cabinet or the dishwasher.

28. Hang an ironing board on the wall

Attach your ironing board to the wall. This saves space

29. Slim rolling storage

If you need more storage but don't have a lot of space, consider a thin rolling cabinet. They're the perfect solution for small spaces and often fit between your washer and dryer.

30. Try magnet clips

Add some magnet clips to your walls for hanging loose socks. This way you'll never lose another sock again.

31. Create a folding station

Set aside some counter space as a designated folding station. This way you won't have to fold clothes on your bed or on the floor.

laundry room folding station

32. Use the drawers at the bottom of the washer

If your washer or dryer has a drawer at the bottom of it, make sure to utilize the space.

33. Use the door

Don't forget about the door, it's a great place to add some extra storage. Hanging shoe storage can be used for much more than just shoes. Use it to store your supplies so they're always within close reach.

34. Have glass jars for supplies

Get rid of weirdly shaped, bulky plastic containers that take up too much space. Instead transfer your detergent, pods and powders into neatly organized glass containers.

35. Convert cabinets into sorting bins

Convert your cabinets into an area to put your hampers. Keep one for each category of clothing like darks, whites and delicates. This way they are hidden but organized.

36. Try a handheld steamer

If you don't have room for an ironing board think about getting a small handheld steamer. They work as well as an iron but take up half the space and time.

37. Use your bathroom

Don't have room in your apartment for your laundry room? Why not store your washing machine in your bathroom. It can double as counter space and share water that you already have in the bathroom.

38. Add a lazy Susan

A lazy Susan is always a good idea. It's an ideal place to store all your laundry room needs. The best part is it spins so you'll never be reaching for what you need again.

39. Keep a garbage can for lint

Lint is inevitable so why not have a designated garbage can for it? That way you'll always remember to throw it away and it won't build up over time.

40. Label shelves and baskets

What is organization without labels? Labeling your storage ensures that you always know what goes where.


41. Hang a drying rail from the ceiling

Don't want to use the walls? Use the ceiling to hang your drying rail from the ceiling.

42. Store soap pods in magnetic pen holders

Use a magnetic pen holder to store your soap pods on the side of your washing machine.

43. Add a chair or bench

Add a cute chair or a bench to your laundry room. This way you can sit down while you're waiting for your wash to be done.

44. Have a hamper on wheels

If you prefer to keep your hamper in your closet or bedroom, get one with wheels on it. The wheels will make it much easier to get your heavy laundry basket to and from the laundry room.

45. Keep a stool

Keep a stool in your laundry room to make it easier to reach tall cabinets.

46. Hang your bottles

When you don't have clothes hanging to dry, use the drying rack to hang your spray bottles.

47. Loose change bin

Everyone finds loose change in the wash. Keep a loose change bin in your laundry room and after a while, you'll be surprised how much you have.

48. Keep it kid-friendly

Keep some of your kid's favorite toys in the laundry room. This way you can do laundry while keeping an eye on your little ones.

49. Hang corner shelves

The corner of the walls is often unused space. However, if your laundry room is in the corner of the room, add some corner shelves to add extra storage.

50. Use all available walls

When deciding how to utilize the space in your laundry room it's important to not forget the walls. They're a great place to add extra storage, such as shelves, drying rods, etc.

Wash away with our laundry room ideas!

While the laundry room can often be forgotten, it's a very important part of any apartment. Take the time to decorate, organize and personalize with creative laundry room ideas.

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