A good toiletry kit, also known as a Dopp Kit, is clutch


Sure, the zippered pouch is essential for wrangling all your grooming supplies for business trips, long weekends, and family vacations. But it’s also a necessary component of a good gym bag: You don’t want your deodorant or toothbrush mingling with those sweaty clothes, now do you? A good dopp kit is built to handle years of use, spacious but not so much to overwhelm your carryon or duffle, and capable of organizing all of your soaps, sprays, toothbrushes, razors, and whatever else you need to keep yourself looking fresh. Good thing, then, that there’s a wide variety of bags, from classic zippered pouches to those that unfold to reveal a built-in hook so you can hang it in the bathroom far above the germy sink. Here are some of our favorites.
Victorinox Lexicon 2.0Toiletry Kit
Thanks to ample pockets, this is your best bet for a loaded Dopp Kit — one that you keep at home and use every day.
Buy Now $59.99
As anyone who’s tried to grab something burrowed deep in a standard Dopp Kit only to slice their finger on stowed razor or cuticle scissor can tell you, sometimes you want a bag that opens flat. This is one such model. It features only a few pockets — one interior zippered pocket, a mesh panel, and two exterior zippered pockets — but has plenty of storage space. It’s also slim enough to not be a suitcase hog.
Herschel Men's Chapter Travel Kit
Herschel's Dopp Kitt is ideal for business travel, thanks to its good looks and compact design.
Buy Now $49.00
Prefer something simple? Available in 12 different color patterns — including grey, navy blue, and camo — this streamlined number from Herschel nails the basics. The classic zippered pouch features a large interior with a mesh pocket for quarantining say, your shampoo from your toothbrush. There’s a second zippered front compartment for smaller items. One thing to note: the interior is not waterproof, so be sure those caps are on tight.
Topo Designs Men's Travel Kit, Black, One Size
This one is for international travel and the outdoors thanks to its rugged simplicity.
Buy Now $29.00
While it’s not for long trips, this single zippered pouch made of ballistic fabric and featuring a waterproof interior is ideal for anyone searching for a durable Dopp Kit that contains spills and takes up very little space. It’s available in seven colors and has a padded bottom to keep it upright on the bathroom counter.
Briggs & Riley Express Toiletry Kit, Black, One Size
Keep this one at home. The unique cylindrical dopp kit has plenty of space and hangs for easy access.
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Another hanging bag, this cylindrical Dopp Kit, when unzippered, reveals a pair of semicircle pockets with enough space for a week’s worth of items. While it’s certainly a bit bulky, it offers a lot of nice features, including a webbing strap that secures the two-halves together and doubles as a hanger, waterproof nylon-lined pockets, and a durable exterior built to withstand moisture and dirt as well as the rough treatment from TSA agents who might be a bit handsy with your carryon.
SID & VAIN Real Leather Wash Bag Bristol XL
Looking for a classic leather dopp kit? This hand-stitched option is one of our favorites.
Buy Now $69.90
Looking for something a bit more refined? This 100-percent leather toiletry kit has a classic old-school style as well as such niceties as a water-resistant interior, generous pocket space, and secure zippers and metal latches. While it is more or less scuff-proof, it will only look better over the years.
Filson Travel Kit Navy
This zippered Dopp Kit from Filson is perfect for travel. It's durable, handsome, and well organized.
Buy Now $114.99
Filson knows had to make goods that last and this Dopp Kit is no exception. Made of rugged twill fabric and featuring a spacious interior and several pockets to handle all the grooming supplies you can toss into it, the bag is water-resistant and durable enough to handle all your travel needs until you’re ready to retire.

LL Bean Personal Organizer Toiletry Bag

Made from a tough, water-resistant fabric that, per L.L. Bean, is tested to withstand 150 sandpaper scrapes as well as temperatures as low as negative 20 and featuring a handle that can withstand 300 pounds of pressure and zippers proven to handle 20,000 zips and unzips, this Dopp Kit is certainly rugged enough to withstand years of abuse. But it’s the interior features that really sell it: the bag unfolds to reveal a hook so you can hang it in bathrooms for easy access, and there are more than enough compartments — including two zippered plastic pockets — to store everything you need for the long haul.

Buy Now $40
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