A Practical Guide to Decluttering Clothes the Easy Way

Too many clothes but not enough to wear? Decluttering clothes can help you create order and space in your closet, while helping you wear the clothes you love the most. Declutter your closet today!

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Decluttering Clothes

How do you know it’s time to start decluttering your closet?

There are a few signs you’ll notice.

For example, if your closet is full of items you don’t wear anymore, it’s time.

If you struggle each morning to find the clothes you want, it’s time to declutter.

If your closet is so full of clothes that they come off the hanger wrinkled, it might be time to declutter.

If it’s the right time to declutter your clothes, you’re definitely going to want to check out our favorite tips for decluttering clothes efficiently.

Keep reading to discover the best clothes decluttering strategies.

Pull Everything Out

Take all the items out of your closet, so you can see everything you have and really evaluate what you’d like to keep and which clothes you’d like to declutter today.

You will be pretty surprised when you see it all out in the open too!

Seeing everything out in the open will help you determine the best way to declutter your closet space and how many items you really need to part with.

Get Help From a Friend

If the idea of taking everything out and decluttering all at once feels overwhelming, consider enlisting the help of a dear friend.

Having someone for support while you declutter can help the task feel less daunting.

Plus, a friend can confirm that you really should get rid of that crop top from college or tell you the truth about that one dress.

Declutter One Thing at a Time

If decluttering all your clothes at once feels overwhelming, consider a plan to tackle one category at a time.

For example, shoes on Monday, pants on Tuesday, etc.

Decluttering your clothes this way can help to make the task feel more manageable.

Decide What to Keep

Deciding what to keep and what to get rid of is a huge part of decluttering your clothes.

Here are tips for choosing which items to keep and what to give away:

  • Turn hangers backward at the beginning of the season. When you wear the item, return the hanger to its rightful position. Any hangers still facing backward at the end of the season are items it’s probably safe to let go.
  • Try wearing items you wouldn’t normally reach for over the next few weeks. This will give you an opportunity to determine if you still like them. There’s no point keeping items you don’t love simply because they’ve never been worn.

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Donate or Toss?

Items in good condition can be donated if you have decided not to keep them. It’s the perfect opportunity to give these items to someone who needs them and will love to wear them.

Plus, knowing your unloved items will go to a good home can help you to feel ready to declutter more clothes.

Another important rule to remember is to immediately remove items you’ve decided to part with from your closet.

If you don’t, you might find yourself digging through that bag in a moment of weakness.

Before you know it, you’ll need to begin decluttering all over again.

Keep Your Closet Clutter-Free

In order to maintain your organized closet, you’ll want to ensure that you don’t need to declutter your clothing quite so much in the future.

Here are a few steps to keep the clutter from taking control of your closet in the future:

  • Declutter clothing continuously. Consider keeping a box for items you find no longer fit with your style for donation. As you try on items and decide they’re no longer right for you, put them in the box. When the box is filled with clothing clutter, donate it to someone in need.
  • Consider adopting a rule: when you add a clothing item to your closet, get rid of a clothing item. For example, if you buy a new shirt at the mall consider getting rid of an old shirt before you put it in your closet.
  • Finally, try keeping only the current season in your closet. Store other seasons in safe containers in your attic or garage until they are needed. Doing this will give you extra space in your closet, so it won’t look cluttered or unkempt. It will also make it easier to keep your clothing neatly organized.

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