Although you may still be planning pool parties and scrubbing suntan oil off the deck, it’s time to start thinking about getting the family ready for back to school

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Depending on where you live, the first day of school can be in August or a later start in September. Waiting until the last minute to deal with back to school can cause unnecessary stress. Creating an early action plan to make sure you cover all the bases, like school clothes, school supplies, and lunchbox necessities, will ease the transition from summer to the busy school year.
Getting the closets under control makes getting dressed for school hassle-free every morning
Tailored Living® can help with one of the biggest back-to-school challenges—the closets. A messy, out-of-control closet is frustration on many levels and makes every day more difficult when what is needed can’t be found. Here are some tips that can get wardrobes and cluttered closets whipped into shape for back to school, with benefits that will last all year long. Tip One:  Do a closet purge Getting organized always starts with eliminating the unnecessary. A closet that is stuffed from floor to ceiling in a hopeless jumble makes getting ready a difficult and frustrating task for any age child. Closets can overflow with the unnecessary, so plan time with your kids to go through their closets and all their clothes with the goal of a wardrobe that meets their needs for school, play, and special events. They’ll end up with an organized closet that helps them get ready for school and anything else, with clothes, shoes, and accessories that they like to wear. Since kids are continually growing, have them try on every item to be sure it still fits, including shoes and boots and the school uniforms and gym clothes from last year. Inspect each piece for damage or wear and only keep what is presentable and fits properly. Take inventory of pajamas, socks, and underwear, replacing the stretched out, holey, and frayed. (You know they’re in there!) Keep only the clothes that they like and actually will wear. Pare down the excess if they have more T-shirts or hoodies than they’ll ever need.; let them pick their favorites and donate the rest to a local thrift store or charity. Remove out-of-season clothes to free up space for what is needed now. Store elsewhere or discard since they probably won’t fit next year. Relocate books, toys, games or anything else that doesn’t belong in the closet.
Boys and girls can have efficient closets with custom closet storage systems to organize everything they have
As you purge, make a list of items needing replacement like outgrown jackets, torn gym clothes, worn-out tennis shoes, and tight boots. This is a good time to evaluate backpacks as well, replacing those that have seen better days. Plan a shopping trip to get what’s needed before school starts and the pressure is on. Keep in mind any school dress codes so you don’t buy clothes for school that can’t go to school. Tip Two:  Make everything in the closet accessible Unaltered closets generally consist of a hanging rod and maybe a shelf above. Floor space gets piled with shoes and anything that doesn’t go on a hanger and the over-head shelf, if reachable, is crammed with any number of things. It’s difficult to find anything in a closet like that! A custom closet storage system from Tailored Living will let your kids start the new school year with a very user-friendly, organized closet. The age-appropriate design will accommodate wardrobe, sports uniforms, shoes, boots, jackets, backpacks, and purses, with a place for everything within easy reach. Install hanging rods at each child’s level. Multiple-tier rods multiply hanging space and let you separate school uniforms from regular clothes. Open shelves keep folded T-shirts, jeans, and sweaters neat and easy to find and put away. Smaller items like underwear, pajamas and socks can go into labeled bins or drawers. Floor-to-ceiling shelves create low-level storage as well as higher storage for seldom used items. Divide a shared closet with vertical shelves down the middle so each child has their own side for hanging with shelf space to share. Sturdy decorative hooks keep “quick grab” items like jackets, hats, and backpacks off the floor and can provide additional storage outside of a small closet. Over-the-door shoe hangers are perfect for shoes, jewelry or hair accessories. Young children can use low shelves for organizing their shoes and pullout shoe racks are ideal for older kids and teens. A laundry bin in the closet or nearby eliminates dirty clothes mixed with clean clothes and is a reminder to put dirty clothes out for laundry day so gym clothes, uniforms and favorite outfits get clean for the next week. If non-wardrobe items are also stored in the closet, designate separate shelves, bins or drawers to keep them from getting mixed up with clothing.
Think outside the closet for additional storage solutions to keep the clothes in the closet and all your kids’ stuff organized
Tip Three:  Coordinate closet and bedroom storage options Reassess closet storage in light of storage options in the whole bedroom. A tiny closet may mean nothing fits but the clothes, whereas a larger closet may have enough room for other things as well. A custom closet organization system will maximize the closet’s function, but If the volume of things to store exceeds closet capacity, utilize dressers, trunks, and underbed storage to accommodate the overflow. Finding the perfect balance between what’s in the room and what’s in the closet will create a more comfortable and functional space for your child once everything has an appointed place. Having all the clothes organized in the closet makes getting ready in the morning quicker when they can find socks, shoes, uniforms and jackets. Proper storage keeps clothes neatly folded or on hangers, so they won’t be crumpled or have that “slept-in” look when it’s time to get dressed. A study desk with drawers can hold notebooks and school supplies, so they don’t have to end up in the closet. Keep the desktop clear for laptop, books, homework, and projects, not clothes. Use a bookshelf, dresser or chest for toys, games, treasures, and sports equipment instead of stuffing them in the closet. Underbed storage can accommodate a shoe wardrobe if the closet doesn’t have space.
Think outside the closet for additional storage solutions to keep the clothes in the closet and all your kids’ stuff organized
Organized closets for the whole family Regardless the age of your child, Tailored Living can design a closet organization system that will meet their needs for a more stress-free back to school experience. Call 866-641-8958 (US) or 866-973-8221 (CAN) today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online to to find a designer near you. They can help with all your family’s closets, making the morning rush easier on everyone. Ask about decluttering and organization solutions for other areas of your home, including entryways, pantry and laundry room design, Murphy Beds, entertainment centers, garage storage cabinets, and more.
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