Father’s Day 2019 Gift Guide

If you’re not sure what to get dad for Father’s Day, I’ve got you covered with tons of ideas. It can be a little tricky to shop for dads and husbands!

Hi friends! Hope you’re having a wonderful week. We had the fam over last night for burgers and cheese board, and it was the best thing ever having so many of the cousins running around playing. We’re still trying to get back into the swing of life after our trip – we’ve been sleeping in way too late every day – but it feels so good to be home.

I can’t believe that Father’s Day is just around the corner! It’s a week from this upcoming Sunday. I figured I’d share some ideas for the holiday because it can be a little tricky to shop for the guys. This way if you’re online shopping like yours truly, we have plenty of time for the gift(s) to arrive. 

Here are some ideas if you’re shopping for Father’s Day! 

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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

For the fit dad:

If he loves to golf, check out this lulu polo and these shorts.

New Bose Free Wireless headphones. We have these and LOVE them.

The perfect crosstraining tee.

New cross training sneaks.

A massage gift card at his favorite spot.

A foam roller.

For the chef:

This BBQ sauce gift set.

Ultimate burger essentials.

These cedar grilling wraps are amazing.

“On the rocks” set.

A bluetooth speaker to listen to while he’s outside grilling.

An Instant Pot aka the best thing to happen to our kitchen since the Vitamix.

An air fryer for a healthier, yet still delicious, twist on traditional fried foods.

Wood wine caddy.

For the sports fanatic:

A man crate.

Tickets to an event you know he’ll love.

Important golf socks.

Baseball bottle openers + stand.

For the beer lover:

Pressurized growler for craft beer.

Craft beer tasting kit.

A beer cap map to showcase his faves from the US.

Clothes, gear, and random:

New travel bag.

Low-top sneakers. (The Pilot has these in grey and wears them all the time.)

New sunnies. Love these classic Ray-bans.

Nap robe. Everyone needs a nap robe, really.

A beautiful take on a family “tree.”

Counterman collection. The Pilot uses this collection and loves it. It’s very gentle on skin and smells amazing. I maybe steal the shaving cream and body wash every now and again.  

A classy jewelry stand for dudes.

A new watch. 

A bottle breacher. I feel like I recommend these on every guys’ gift guide, but they’re a really awesome unique gift.

A funny shirt just for the occasion.


What do you usually do for Father’s Day? Any great gifts or surprises you’ve done for your husband or for your dad?



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3 MUST Buys for Back to School at WalMart

***This post is sponsored by Walmart and RewardStyle, but all opinions are our own. We really love and shop Walmart year round – but especially for back to school!***

Back to school.

Those three words not only produce deep groans and dread from the kids, but sometimes, the PARENTS!
I’m not going to lie, I LOVE the carefree days of Summer.
Little to no schedule. Days spent in the park and at the pool. Vacations.
It’s a dream….that is until about August 1 when my kids inevitably start bickering and I once again see the need for structure and routine.

One thing that SHOULD NOT be stressful for any parent of a kiddo is back to school shopping.
With 5 kids,  making sure everyone has what they need for the new school year can create some angst. I have to find a LOT of shoes for a LOT of little feet. That’s why I’m so grateful for Walmart! I can not tell you how many good things I’ve found there lately and how easy they make it for even our big family to shop!
Here are a few reasons I LOVE to shop Walmart year round (but especially at back to school time!)

First, it’s one stop shopping that I don’t even have to leave my house for if I don’t want to. Literally, I can order everything I need online and a few clicks later, it’s going to show up on my door in 2 days! No crazy dressing room drama!

Second, I’m so impressed by Walmart’s fashion choices! Even my pickiest daughters are able to find just what they love and reflects their individual style.

Lastly, the value is fantastic. Outfitting an entire family can get pricey, and Walmart keeps it within my budget.

Take a peek at some of my favorite picks for back to school!


It doesn’t matter where your kiddo goes to school, they’re going to need a backpack. Whether they’re just starting at and need a little one to  just carry their show and tell to preschool or packing it full of heavy textbooks, a quality backpack is a back to school essential.
My older twins are entering a stage when EVERYTHING is a fashion statement, and they want a “cool” backpack that reflect their individuality. They loved the fun choices at Walmart! From a sequin star style to rocking the unicorn, there really were some fun choices. Plus, I was happy with the quality and the price!


How is it possible that kids go through shoes as fast as they do? I swear their feet grow overnight! Not to mention hours spent on the playground always seem to wear them out just a little faster. I’m a big fan of the style and quality of kids’ shoes at Walmart. I have seen so many styles there lately that are almost exactly like the pricier brand names and the best part is? They LAST!
So many of them I want in MY size!

Star athletic shoes/Ruffle slip ons/quilted slip ons

3. Clothes for boys and girls

This one is a no brainer. Walmart is killing it in the kids’ clothing departments. One thing I have to note is the fact I found darling things for ALL my kids – in a range of sizes and styles. Sometimes, I’m able to find the perfect things for my 4 year old, but it can be difficult for my older kids! This is NOT the case when I shop Walmart. They truly have great picks for all sizes, shapes, and styles of kid!
Let me show you what I’m talking about!

This henley striped top with a great flat front short is perfect for my 12 year old! He likes sports and his clothes have to be comfortable so he can keep up at recess. I loved this basic set that screamed “classic comfort”.

My 9 year old twins are as different as night and day and constantly wanting to express individual style.
They were pumped to find outfits that worked for each of them and I was pumped to find things that fit their soon to be tween expectations!
(Can you tell which one likes to dress up a little more?)
Denim Dress/ Striped embellished tee/jeggings

And finally, let’s not leave the littlest ones out!
(That little blond boy leaves me for Kindergarten this year and my heart can hardly stand it!)
I really liked that there were lots of outfit SETS available in littler sizes like this darling top and embroidered jeggings.
I feel like sets are SO much easier when dressing a little one, and often enables them to dress themselves easier too!

Phew. Are you tired yet?
That’s a LOT of kids to outfit!
That’s why I’m so grateful for how easy Walmart makes the process.
Did I mention I ordered ALL this online and it arrived on my door step in 2 days?

And here’s another miracle…IT ALL FIT!

It doesn’t get any easier, or cuter, than shopping at Walmart. 
Plus, because it saved me so much time by being my one stop shopping destination, I have more time to spend with these cute faces before they head back to the daily grind.

Happy Back to School Season!

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by Andrea via Home And Garden

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