Finding that ideal Christmas present for your boyfriend doesn’t have to be a challenge

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It all comes down to complementing his personal style and celebrating his passions. Our list includes ways to make it all about him this holiday season, whether you buy something for him or make a DIY Christmas gift.

Frame one of your favorite photos on a custom canvas or choose a whiskey flask just for him. Whether you’re on the lookout for Christmas gift ideas for long-distance boyfriend or the guy right by your side, each of these ideas shows off your love with creativity. Check your best guy off your list this season by perusing 80 Christmas present ideas for your boyfriend.
1. Floating Frames
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These unique photo displays protrude ever-so-slightly from the wall, giving the illusion they’re floating on their own. Gift a collection of your boyfriend’s favorite memories from the past year.
2. Man’s Best Friend
His dog is a special part of his life, so be sure to showcase their bond in the photo display. If they go on all sorts of adventures together—hiking, camping, road trips—capture their best moments for him to enjoy every day. Who knows, it will probably inspire more adventures!
3. Dry-Brushed Planter
Source: Crafty Lumberjacks

Plants always make lovely Christmas gifts for boyfriends, as you get to watch them grow with your relationship. Cover a terracotta planter with white paint and then brush lightly with bright colors on top.
4. A Good Bet
If your man loves poker or is a card shark in training, help him fuel his passion. There are online courses and local classes that teach the basics and some advanced skills. A new set of cards and poker chips will help him hone his craft and be ready for a trip to Vegas with his friends.
5. Story Garden
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If your guy has a green thumb, try out this homemade Christmas gift. Cut a square out of the pages of an old book, line with a small container and fill with succulents.
6. Classic Flask
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Ideal for the boyfriend that loves a fine whiskey, design a personalized flask with a love quote, his initials or an icon that represents his unique style.
7. Show Off His Art
If your boyfriend is an amateur photographer, support his hobby by displaying his stunning shots in unique ways. Get some of his favorite photographs professionally printed to preserve their magic and display them for all of his guests to enjoy. Not only will it showcase his talent, it will surely encourage him to snap more photographs.
8. Woven Pillow
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Snuggle up with a homemade throw pillow made with hand-woven yarn, a circle of wood and a pillow insert. This is also a great housewarming present if you just moved in together!
9. Colorful Photoblocks
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Looking for a unique photo gift idea for your favorite man? Carve hexagons from corkboard and paint with three complementary colors. Gift in a set with printed images for him to display in his room or office.
10. Growler Case
Source: Hello Creative Family

Before you head to your favorite local beer spot after Christmas, get your guy ready with a handmade wooden growler carrier. Add a sign to the front for a personalized message.
11. Shot Glass Set
If he’s more of a liquor man than a beer guy, a set of shot glasses will allow him to taste different varieties and measure out the perfect cocktails. Pair with a bottle of his favorite libation for a holiday celebration to remember.
12. Praise His Pet
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Does your boyfriend love his four-legged feline friend? Design a cat photo book with all his Instagrammable images and clever captions.
13. Matching Mason Jars
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Celebrate your favorite hobbies with these personalized mason jars. Etch your nicknames on the front and fill with spices, snacks or even a plant!
14. Beverage Bounty
If he doesn’t have a green thumb, a collection of some of his favorite drinks are great for filling the mason jar glasses. From specialty sodas and seltzer to his favorite beer, keep him hydrated and refreshed.
15. DIY Clock
If your boyfriend likes a particular style, craft a homemade wall clock. From classic natural wood to a bold and modern color, the parts are pretty inexpensive and he’ll love knowing that you made it for him. Sign the back or write a sweet note with the date to make it even more special.
16. Natural Shaving Kit
Source: Hello Glow

Emulate the old days with this all-natural shaving kit with a brown sugar facial scrub, homemade shaving cream and two-ingredient shaving cream to keep him looking and feeling sharp.
17. Self Care
If he’s pretty low-maintenance with his routine and likes to cut his own hair, a new set of clippers is perfect to pair with his new shaving kit. It will help him save money and look sharp into the new year.
18. Tech Upgrade
For the tech aficionado in your life who needs an upgrade, a new laptop could be just the ticket. If you’re not sure where to start, take him shopping like you’re looking for yourself and ask him what he’d buy. This is a sure fire way to get him exactly what he wants without revealing your secret. Plus, pair it with a new mouse pad to round out the gift.
19. Phone Cord
Source: Yellowgirl

Looking to make his life a little easier? Add a handy cord to his cell phone so he never misplaces it again. This is great for running to the gym or going for a hike without having to stash your phone.
20. Memory Lane
Trips are great ways to share special experiences and create tons of new memories. To remember them, start a collection of souvenirs from each destination. It can be as simple as buying a postcard at every stop. Keep the spirit of the trip alive by mailing him one of the postcards every month.
21. Throw Blanket
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Snuggle up with a photo-adorned blanket with this unique Christmas gift for your boyfriend. The cozy accessory is perfect for the chilly season ahead.
22. A Night In
For couples who love experiences more than material gifts, give your man a date night at home. Cook a special meal or order takeout from his favorite spot, then put on his favorite film. A night in hosted by you can be the relaxing gift he needs to unwind and enjoy.
23. Bottle Opener
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Deck out this stainless steel bottle opener with a collection of images, your boyfriend’s monogram or the pair of your initials. Be sure to gift with his favorite pack of local beer.
24. Boyfriend Scarf
Source: Dabbles and Babbles

This traditional boyfriend gift shows off your knitting skills while keeping him cozy in the months ahead. And even better, you get to spend the weeks leading up to the holiday knitting this sweet accessory.
25. Hanging Planter
Source: Shutterfly

Fill his home with greenery by gifting him with this simple DIY plant hanger. Attach twine to a square frame of wood and nestle a potted plant in the center to brighten up a room.
26. Desktop Terrarium
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Bring nature indoors to add some organic charm to his desk or bedroom. Fill an etched glass jar with rocks, a layer of soil and real or faux succulents to frame the mini landscape.
27. Stay Organized
For the boyfriend who likes to keep tabs on everything, gift him a new planner or even a subscription to an online scheduling service. That way, he can keep his to-dos close at all times, whether he writes them down or types them into an app.
28. Housewarming Love
Buying a house or moving to a new city is an exciting life change, but can also leave you with awkard empty spaces to fill. Since you know him so well, gift him a piece of decor that you know fits his style and will help fill his new space with the warmth it needs.
29. Fridge Photos
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As a last minute gift, hand pick a collection of your favorite photos together and transform them into an assortment of magnets to spruce up your boyfriend’s kitchen.
30. A Year Of Family
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Design a desk calendar for your boyfriend with a favorite person or furry friend on each page. Include images of outings with your friends, sweet photos of his pets and of course, your favorite relationship images.
31. Glass Coasters
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Add an elegant touch to your boyfriend’s living room with these engraved glass coasters. Pair with personalized wine glasses or beer steins.
32. DIY Beard Balm
Source: Get Kamfortable

The right beard balm can shape a beard while keeping it looking sleek and healthy. Combine shea butter and a collection of soothing essential oils in a hand-labeled kit.
33. Read His Mind
Book lovers are some of the most fun people to give gifts to. Whether your man has a particular genre he loves or will read just about anything, this is the perfect opportunity to add something special to his shelf. Share one of your favorite titles or authors with him to bring you closer, or give him the latest piece from his favorite author.
34. Landscape Print
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Add a focal point to your boyfriend’s living room with an eye-catching landscape print. Choose an image of the two of your or a picture he took during one of your recent adventures.
35. Espresso Yourself
Do you have a coffee lover in your life who’s pretty savvy in the kitchen? Gift him his very own espresso machine. He can craft his own signature beverages every morning and keep his creative coffee spirit alive. From frothing milk to learning how to create latte art, he’ll be the barista of the house in no time.
36. Coffee Lover
To go with his new espresso machine, gift your man a new tumbler or a bag of special beans. Take it a step further: Some coffee shops even host classes on how to roast and brew properly. Explore local spots and take a class together to learn how to pour the perfect cup.
37. Placemat Set
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Serving a big Christmas dinner? Gift him a full set of photo-adorned placemats to fill the table when it’s just the two of you or when you have guests.
38. Home Herb Garden
Source: Shutterfly

Fresh herbs are some of the best additions to any home garden or kitchen. Fill a set of etched mason jars with soil and fresh herbs and gift to your boyfriend with your favorite herbaceous recipes or cocktail ideas.
39. Greet The New Year
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There is so much to look forward to in the year ahead together. Fill a desk or hanging calendar with images of you enjoying every season together.
40. Play That Funky Music
Audiophiles are lovers of all things high-quality sound. A vintage set of speakers or hard-to-find stereo system is sure to upgrade his collection and give him a new piece of decor.
41. Tea Towel
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If your guy loves to cook, spruce up his kitchen with a tea towel decorated with a collection of photos. Add your initials or the word “Love” beneath your favorite photos.
42. Compliments To The Chef
If your man loves to experiment in the kitchen, fuel his inpsiration with a new cookbook and a kitchen tool he’s had on his list for a while. For example, if he’s been wanting to learn more about cheese making, gift him a book about making his own cheese and pair it with a new set of charcuterie knives. These are also perfect gifts for many casual date nights at home.
43. Cooking Class
If he’s a pro in the kitchen, give him a set of cooking classes to learn something completely new. Cheese making classes are very popular, and this is a great way for him to expand his skills. Another unique class could cover vinegars and oils, or even homemade pasta lessons.
44. Magnetic Messages
Source: Shutterfly

Leave him love notes on this magnetic message board, perfect for hanging in your kitchen. Include your initials on the bottom and choose a rustic frame to match your home.
45. Desk Cubes
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When your boyfriend heads off to work, greet him with these interchangeable photo blocks. Showcase his family, pictures from his childhood and the two of you together. Add an image or loving message to each side so he can flip them around every morning.
46. Homebrew Growlers
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Just as your homebrew is ready for pouring, surprise your boyfriend with the perfect gift for beer lovers. Include the name of his beer, initials or your dating anniversary on the front of each growler.
47. Brewery Tour
If he’s not into brewing his own beer but still wants to get use out of the growlers, check out a local brewery. Many of them hold tours to see how the magic is done, and you may even be able to schedule a private one that ends with a tasting. Check out local spots to see what they have to offer.
48. Outdoor Inspiration
For the resident grill master, update his outdoor space to be a cooking oasis. From new grilling tools to comfortable outdoor seating, keep the fire in the grill going all year long with some gifts to inspire his love of cooking.
49. DIY Bottle Torch
Source: Craft Beering

Create a gift for the beer or wine lover in your life by transforming their favorite brand into an outdoor torch. This is ideal for setting up a new outdoor barbecue or porch space as well.
50. Loving Quotes
Source: Shutterfly

Motivate your guy’s workday by filling his desk with loving messages. A frame that showcases the two of you will remind him of what matters all day long.
51. Office Swag
Make sure his desk has everything it needs to set him up for a day of success. A new mouse pad, an easy-to-care-for plant and a corkboard to stay organized will help him during his daily grind.
52. Festival Fun
Is his favorite band playing at a music festival? Buy tickets to go enjoy the fun together. If it’s not local, plan out a road trip with fun stops along the way to enjoy the full experience.
53. VIP Experience
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Surprise your guy this Christmas with tickets to see his favorite band. After your big night out, commemorate the experience with a DIY shadow box filled with ticket stubs, backstage passes and wristbands.
54. Favorite Quote
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There are so many milestones to celebrate early on in a relationship. If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for a new boyfriend, design him a pillow displaying your favorite quote that showcases all the good things to come.
55. Document Your Travels
If he’s your number one travel buddy, showcase the story of your adventures, either across the world or right here at home. Fill a travel-inspired notebook or photo book with stories, pictures and important dates. This is a great way to keep track of your trips as you go as well—you’ll love having all the memories at your fingertips.
56. Movie Inspiration
Do you have a favorite movie as a couple? Travel to some of the filming locations or settings to relive some of the silver screen magic. Bonus: Plan out a road trip that takes you to a few special spots. You’ll be part of the action and enjoying each other’s company for the whole trip.
57. Carabiner Keychain
Source: Artzy Creations

For a simple Christmas gift that shows off your DIY skills, follow this braiding pattern with thick paracord and a matching carabiner.
58. Whiskey Beard Oil
Source: Hello Glow

The whiskey in this beard oil recipe cuts the thickness of the argan and essential oils to make it soft and easy to use. Pair with other whiskey-themed gifts like a flask or a rocks glass.
59. Daily Message Board
Source: Amber Oliver

If you’re looking for a clever Christmas gift idea for a long-distance boyfriend, construct this simple bulletin board from plywood and stretch cord and send him photos, love notes and inspirational cards for him to display throughout the week.
60. Blend It
It may seem basic, but a new blender can really up his smoothie game. If he’s a daily smoothie kind of guy, a high-powered blender can help him craft the best blended creations. Plus, a high-quality tool will last a long time and has lots of other uses.
61. Hit The Road
If your boyfriend has a love of the open road, give him a gift that will help his ride stay in top shape. Whether he rides a motorcycle or bike, or loves to take his beloved vintage sports car out for a spin on the weekends, a new set of tires or a toolkit to keep everything running smoothly will surely be appreciated.
62. Creative Prints
Source: Shutterfly

Looking for unique ways to display your favorite photos? Print out vintage-inspired images and secure them to you and your boyfriend’s entryway to greet you each morning.
63. Vintage Decor
If your boyfriend has a particular hobby he loves, like photography, explore flea markets, antique shops and estate sales to find a gem of a gift. A black and white photograph or a vintage camera can serve as rustic decor in his bedroom or office—he’ll love telling their stories to guests.
64. Snack Attack
Everyone loves a good snack. If your man is a big fan of snacking, gift him a subscription to a snack box for the year. It’s a great way to try out some new things and maybe find a few favorites. Have it delivered to his home or office so he’s never without something to munch on.
65. Keep It Classic
Cologne may seem like a boring go-to gift, but it’s a classic essential that any man would be happy to have on hand. If he doesn’t have a particular taste, gift him a set of small sizes so he can try things out and pick his favorite. Once he has his pick, get him the full-size bottle.
66. Cool It Down
Every time you open up a beer, cheers to your relationship with personalized koozies. Create a gift set with his favorite local craft beer to round out the gift. If he’s all about everything outdoor, give him a brand new cooler to keep all of his nature adventures cool.
67. Woodworking Inspiration
Has your man ever tried woodworking? Find a local shop and schedule a class together. You can build something together for his home or craft a piece for your shared home if you’re just moving in together.
68. Christmas Cheers
Source: Shutterfly

Personalize a set of tall stein glasses, a growler and a flask to toast to a new year ahead. Pair this Christmas gift with his favorite craft beer or local spirit.
69. Hoop Dreams
If your man loves a good pick-up game of basketball and is sure to watch his favorite team every time they’re on TV, give him the gear he needs for a perfect season. New workout clothes and a new ball will keep his skills on the court sharp—plus a date night of courtside seats to see his favorite team will bring you closer.
70. Usable Keepsake
To coordinate with his gift box, make the gift inside a bit more special. If your man likes to keep time the old fashioned way, find a vintage watch that speaks to his taste. If his dad or grandfather had a specific watch that he admired, see if you can find a similar model so your boyfriend can keep time in style.
71. Cookie Jar
Source: Shutterfly

Always fill your home with a jar of cookies, whether you’re avid bakers or each just have a big sweet tooth. Fill with his favorite home-baked recipe and a recipe card.
72. Travel Tags
Source: Shutterfly

Getting ready to hit the road on your first vacation? Prep your boyfriend for the trip with a photo travel tag with his initials and a favorite image.
73. Travel Bug
To go with his new travel tag and sense of wanderlust, gift your boyfriend a new suitcase or weekender bag. If you’re feeling adventurous yourself, tuck a pair of plane tickets for your next adventure inside so you have something to look forward to together.
74. Phone Photo
Source: Shutterfly

Show off your favorite photos together on the back of his phone with a new protective case. Did you just celebrate a big anniversary together? Include a photo from your big celebration.
75. Sense Of Adventure
Does your boyfriend have a destination he’s been wanting to go to? Plan it out! Explore a new city for a weekend, go on a new hike or take a day road trip to a local distillery. Bring your camera to document all the fun new sights—one of the pictures may even end up on his new phone case.
76. Send Your Heart
Source: She Saved

This simple DIY Christmas gift is a sweet way to send your love this Christmas. Fill with a craft heart and pair with a love note, gift certificate or set of tickets to an upcoming event.
77. Long Distance Gifting
If you live miles apart, sometimes it’s hard to spend the holidays together and you can feel like you miss special moments. Keep this in mind all year by sending an assortment of small gifts here and there to keep the giving spirit alive. It can all lead up to the ultimate Christmas gift: a trip to visit each other!
78. Gone Golfing
Golf is a favorite passtime for many men, so give him the gift of a brand new club or a round at his favorite course. If you don’t know what kind of club to get him, check with his go-to golfing buddy for advice.
79. Best Guy Mug
Source: Shutterfly

Deck out a coffee mug with a message just for him and fill it to the brim with chocolate treats as a great food gift for Christmas. If you and your boyfriend have kids, this is a great way to show him how much you admire his skills as a father.
80. Light The Way
Source: Shutterfly

An office is a special place for everyone, and it’s important to have the perfect environment for a productive day. A lamp that matches his style and provides the perfect amount of light will help him get everything done and feel accomplished at the end of the day.

Remember to pair every gift with a personalized Christmas card. You can add a photo, a loving quote, and even your names right on the front. Save your cards for years to come and look back over your memories of the early days of your love.

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