How To Get Organized For Kids’ First Day In School

It is back to school time. And that means that it is time to get organized for kids’ first day in school! This time of year always reminds me of the movie You’ve Got Mail and the bouquets of sharpened pencils. But getting organized for back to school doesn’t just mean school supplies. There are many other things you can think about to help ease the transition from summer vacation into school.

I am sharing five different things to get organized and how you can actually organize those spaces for back to school.


You have heard it before and you will hear it again. Setting up routines for anyone in your home is going to help get them moving in the morning. But how can you go about setting routines? You can start by writing down all the things you want to do in the morning. Then making a checklist to keep you on track. Use the kids’ morning routine checklist to help.


And you can create routines for yourself as well. I like using sticky notes to keep me on track when I change up routines. I stick the notes around the house with a number so I can do that activity in order if I am changing up my routine. You can read more on setting routines below:

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labeling kids dresser drawers

Set Up Bedrooms

Another way to get everyone ready for the first day in school is to set up the bedrooms so everyone can find what they need. I do this for the kids by setting up their drawers and closets so all their clothing is easily accessible. We group each type of clothing together in a drawer or area of the closet on hangers. 

For the adults, I recommend doing a giant declutter of your closet. The reason being is that you can get yourself put together quickly without searching through your clothing for things to wear. I always try to do a big declutter the first week the kids are back in school so that I feel my closet is set up for easy grab-and-go wear. I usually don’t have much time in the mornings so keeping my closet organized helps get me out the door with the kids.

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An organized mudroom #organizedmudroom

Organize The Drop Zone For First Day In School

Some people call it a mudroom, some call it a closet. But whatever your space looks like, I call it a drop zone. And getting your drop zone organized for when the kids come back from their first day in school will help keep you organized for good! To set up a drop zone, all you need is a location for things. I like using hangers or hooks or baskets. 

Give each family member a designated spot for their things. If you have younger kids, have hooks lower so they can reach them. If you don’t have space for hooks, use baskets to hold their backpacks and shoes. Giving everyone a specific spot for them to drop their things, they are going to be more likely to keep things in place. Which means no more searching for things 5 minutes before the bus is coming!

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Create A Command Center

All the school papers that are coming in need place to go, which is why creating a command center is so important. I like using a system that can hold papers and has a calendar, along with a magnetic board to hold seasonal papers. Seasonal papers are those papers you need only for a little bit and then you can get rid of them. Things like important dates or an event that is coming up. 

I try to keep a paper filing holder for each kid to put their artwork. Then I use the magnetic board for the seasonal papers.

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Meal Plan

When school is back in full swing, the last thing you want to think about is food. Which is why meal planning is so important this time of year. When I meal plan, I try to schedule time on Saturday to look through recipes and blogs. I only try 1-2 new recipes a week and keep the rest things that I know how to cook. This is helpful so I am not stressing about what food to make and what to get at the grocery store.

I keep a photo album on my phone for screenshots of recipes I find in magazines or on Instagram. I also create a board on Pinterest for recipes I want to try. Then I can move them to another board called Favorite Recipes if I like that recipe.

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More Tips For Getting Organized For First Day In School

When it comes to getting prepared for the first day in school, there are easy ways you can get yourself organized. I love creating routines so everyone can stay on track. Set up the kids’ bedrooms so they can find things to wear. And declutter your closet so it is easy to find outfits for yourself. Create a drop zone for the backpacks and shoes. Meal plan so you don’t have to think about food during the week. And create a command center for papers and scheduling important dates. For more school tips, check out the posts below:

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