Is It Better to Fold or Hang Your Clothes?

Is It Better to Fold or Hang Your Clothes?

Perhaps you are undertaking an organizing project in your Auburn, CA custom closets and are trying to determine the best way to display your wardrobe. This begins with deciding which clothes you plan on folding, hanging, or storing in drawers.

Select whichever choice makes sense to you by contemplating the following:

  • Decide According to The Garment and Fabric Type
  • Choose Your Hangers Wisely
  • Fold Your Clothes Properly
  • Try Going on a Roll
  • Commit to Becoming More Organized

Read on to learn more about the right situations for folding and hanging your clothes. 

Decide According to The Garment Type

According to , there are several considerations when deciding whether to hang or fold a particular item of clothing. First, it's important to see whether your closet has ample space or whether you need to resort to using additional storage options. Secondly, you should consider whether you are looking at a pair of jeans versus a thick sweater. In other words, take into account the fabric type.

For example, if you have a breezy chiffon sundress, it logically needs to be hung on a hanger so that it doesn’t become wrinkled or flattened. Think about how durable the fabric is. If it is on the delicate side, it should be hung up.

In regards to which types of clothes should be folded, the first are heavy sweaters. They don’t belong on hangers because the area around the shoulders will become stretched out and eventually misshapen. Workout clothing can be neatly folded and tucked into drawers, as can shorts and t-shirts. T-shirts can also be hung as long as you have space for them in your closet. It's also a matter of personal preference if you wish to fold or hang your jeans. 

Clothes Hangers

Choose Your Hangers Wisely

Now that you have a better idea of which clothing you need to hang, why not investigate the best hangers for the job? Here are a few different options:

Velvet hangers are an excellent choice for your custom closets. Bob recommends them due to the fact that they have a thin profile, which will ultimately allow you to hang more clothes in your closets. The velvet fabric acts as a non-slip surface so your clothes won’t fall off.

Cedar hangers are another wonderful option for hanging your clothing. One benefit of using cedar hangers is that they emit a fresh, aromatic scent that chases away any stale closet odors . As a major bonus, cedar naturally repels moths and other insects away from making a home in your closets as well. Cedar hangers are also very durable and will hold the shape of your clothing quite effectively.

If your closets are short on space, multi-tiered hangers really come in handy!

Fold Your Clothes Properly

When clothing is folded neatly, it gives the impression of a more organized space. Not only that, but your clothing will have fewer wrinkles and you will be able to walk around with confidence that you are looking good in what you are wearing. To achieve this, it's important to know how to fold your clothes properly.

Before folding, says that the most important thing you need is a flat surface, at a comfortable height. Also, the clothes you are going to be folding should be freshly dried, as opposed to sitting in a pile for some time, getting wrinkled. 

Folding Clothes

Try Going on a Roll

Does folding your clothing military-style not really sound appealing to you? There is another option that you might want to try. Many designers and organizers have begun rolling their clothes instead.

According to , rolling your clothing will provide additional space for storing items in drawers, while at the same time, result in a colorful and eye-catching appearance. You can line up your rolls horizontally or vertically. Surprisingly, rolling your clothes does not cause them to become wrinkled! 

Commit to Becoming More Organized

Now that you have a better idea of how you want to organize your closets and drawers, it’s time to get started! Before you do, remember to purge your wardrobe of anything you haven’t worn in over a year.

The experts at Optimal Custom Closets could not agree more! In 6 Steps for Organizing Your Custom Closets , they note several effective tips for keeping all of the closets in your home organized. From donating rarely worn items to utilizing effective storage methods to maintaining a streamlined organization system that lasts more than a day!

Final Thoughts

When contemplating the question of whether to hang or fold an item of clothing, it's often best to follow your instincts. Did you just buy the coolest shirt ever and you want everyone to see it? Play it safe and slip it on a hanger.

On the other hand, if you bought a few new cashmere sweaters, they might be happier being neatly folded and tucked away. Whichever method you choose, organize your clothing neatly and it is sure to look crisp and lovely for many years to come!


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