Last Week’s Thrifty Moves


Last Sunday morning I awoke early in my hotel room and washed some laundry in the tub with detergent I had brought from home.  I used the hotel hangers to hang everything on to dry.  I find doing small batches of laundry helps a lot to keep me in clean clothes while I am here.  It is surprisingly easy to wash laundry in a bathtub.  I got a small cup of yogurt and a banana from the daily breakfast offerings and made coffee in my room.  After a hot shower I got dressed and headed out to Aldi to pick up a few fresh produce items.  Preparing my own meals in my hotel room each day not only saves me money, but I have much healthier meals this way too.


I stopped in at Dollar Tree and purchased a few office supply items and a bottle of clear nail polish.  When I got back to my hotel I gave myself a manicure and used the office supplies to draw up some landscaping plans I've been working on lately.  I also wrote a letter and then walked down to the post office to mail it.  It was a lovely day in Minnesota and I thoroughly enjoyed my quiet Sunday.


In between appointments I was able to work remotely Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I appreciated the diversion and the opportunity to earn a little bit of income.  Thursday and Friday were full days, but then I was kicked loose and got to start making my way home taking it low and slow.  I was just really glad to be headed in that direction.  I am more than ready to be home with my kiddo and my kitties.  I miss them so much.


At this time I still have some future appointments to complete but all of the testing is done for now, thankfully, and while I do have some answers I don't have them all yet.  I am still very much a work in progress.  All I want to do now is get home and sleep in my own bed.

I hope you all had a wonderful thrifty week and I wish you all the best for a great thrifty week ahead.

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