Laundry Room Organization Ideas to Avoid Messy Looks

Laundry room organization is oftentimes very challenging for people. You might have a ton of things and clothes in your laundry room but it’s hard to know where to put them. There are, however, several laundry room organization ideas that are extremely easy to implement and they’re also extremely fun to do. Don’t be surprised if you’ll be redoing your laundry room several times a year once you finally see how fun and easy it is to organize your stuff!

Consider Installing Cabinets

If you prefer something a little more permanent to your laundry room organization ideas, you might want to consider installing cabinetry. Some types of cabinetry are also referred to as laundry room storage cabinets. You can buy these units in a variety of sizes and styles. Typically, the cabinets that feature pullout shelves are most common, but you can also find units featuring cabinet-style drawers, shelves, and/or lockable doors. Just as with hanging racks, the size of cabinetry you need will depend upon how much you plan on storing.


The thing you need to pay attention to change the appearance of the laundry room is to add a melamine wood cabinet. You can use this cabinet to store your washing needs properly. You can install the cabinet right next to the washing machine to make it easier for you to store or use washing equipment needs. To be more efficient, you can also add hangers under the cabinet, this is done to make it easier for you to store clothes that you just finished washing. Melamine wood storage cabinet from housebeautiful.


In addition to paying attention to the function of the cabinet in the laundry room, you also have to pay attention to the color of the cabinet so that it is harmonious with the current condition of your room. Try to appear bolder by applying a dark blue color to the cabinet in your laundry room. This dark blue color will give a masculine impression to the laundry room, but it can also make the room not easily look dirty. Dark blue cabinet laundry room from housebeautiful.

Inexpensive Laundry Hampers

Another laundry room organization idea is to purchase inexpensive laundry hampers. Although this would be my personal preference, laundry hampers are not the only way to go. With a few strategically placed baskets and other containers, you can keep dirty clothes sorted and out of sight. You can choose the laundry hampers in plastic, rattan, or fabric materials.


To complete your laundry room, don’t forget to provide a basket of dirty clothes near the washing machine. Take advantage of the free space at the top of the washing machine to place a plastic wicker basket for storing dirty clothes. This plastic woven basket with a thicker surface has good durability so that it can be used in the long term, besides that plastic baskets are also easy to find around you. Plastic woven basket from housebeautiful.


So that the laundry room looks neater, you can use a hidden hamper cloth basket that is placed in a small cupboard made of wood and repainted with clean white color. This hidden cloth basket can also be used to collect dirty clothes before you wash them so they don’t scatter everywhere. You can find this hidden cloth basket by pulling on the drawer handles on this wooden cabinet. Hidden hamper cloth basket from housebeautiful.

Open Floating Shelves

You can also utilize laundry room shelving to maximize space. The open floating shelves are a good idea for a simple design but functional. A vertical system can be used to save on space. This is particularly effective if you have limited space for both the hangers and shelving. You can install the shelves above the washing machine or between cabinets.


To fill the empty space at the top of the washing machine, you can fill it by using an open floating shelf made of minimalist wood. A simple shelf that can be very helpful for activities and storage in the laundry room decor. With this floating shelf, you can store some washing utensils and supplies in the laundry room. In addition, floating shelves are also very interesting to try because they can also be used as functional wall decorations. Minimalist wooden floating shelf from housebeautiful.


In decorating a room, it is very important to always provide storage. Apply floating shelves in your laundry room so that the room looks neat and unique. You can combine this floating shelf with a closed cabinet to make it more functional. Choose a floating shelf with wood, because this material is easy to find around you. Combination of floating shelves with closed cabinets from goodhousekeeping.

Labeling the Baskets

There are many other laundry room organization ideas that will help you a lot. For example, simply labeling items in the baskets will give you quick access to the items you need, whether it’s to wash, dry, put away, or store in a storage cabinet. Another good laundry room organization idea is sorting items based on the type of fabric they’re made from. It is very useful if you should separate clothes that must be washed separately.


To make it easier for you to find your washing needs and needs in the laundry room decoration, you can use a basket as a storage idea. It’s not enough here, you can also add paper labels according to the contents of this storage basket. To make it clearer, you can use a black label with white writing. Woven basket labeled from goodhousekeeping.

Buy Foldable Drying racks

If you have a small laundry room, you can consider buying a foldable drying rack. The foldable drying racks are very versatile. It can hold up more wet clothes and you can easily fold and tucked when not in use or once everything is dry. So it can save space. It’s so practical, right?


Take advantage of the empty laundry room wall area as a storage idea by installing a folding drying rack made of wood with old iron in your warehouse. Leave this shelf in its original color for a vintage vibe that seems simpler but still catches the eye. Vintage folding drying rack from goodhousekeeping.


To save floor space in the laundry room decoration, then you can use folding clothes drying rack that is applied to the wall next to the washing machine. This drying rack is made of sleek wood and solid black iron. Larger wicker baskets can be used to store all dirty clothes so they don’t scatter everywhere. Hanging folding clothes drying rack from apartmenttherapy.

Use Laundry Cart

This laundry cart is very useful to organize laundry supplies. Choose the slim laundry cart that can be placed a gap between the washing machine and drying. It can be a solution to maximize every inch of space in your laundry room. With the wheels underneath, you can easily pull out the cart and put it back.


This laundry cart equipped with wheel legs becomes a storage area for your laundry supplies to maximize every inc space of your laundry room to keep it looking clean and tidy. The slim design of the laundry cart makes it easy to be placed in the very small space between the washing machine and drying. So that all space is put to good use. And the other benefits, you can move this cart easily anywhere as needed. Slim laundry cart from decoist.

The laundry room is not only the space to wash your dirty clothes but sometimes can be functioned as a place to rest for a while. So, organize it well is very important. Those are some laundry room organizing ideas, hope it will inspire you.

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