I think I found a lawnmower.  It isn't the one that I fell in love with, nobody has one of those.  It seems that Honda hasn't produced even half of the mowers promised so they're out of stock all over.  I did find a Toro one that I like.  It has most of the features of the one that I fell in love with and it has an electric start.  I like that push button starting.  I'll think about it for a day or two and probably go up one day next week and lay down my check and treat myself to a new lawnmower--with delivery.

I happened to be looking out the patio doors when a Nuthatch landed on a crook.  I took its picture and it's a terrible picture but I'm sharing it anyway because I usually get nothing when I try for one.  I took a second shot and all I got was a blue-gray blur as it flew away.

I finished the July Toe Cap #1 this afternoon while watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mystery on DVR.  The show has the best clothes and cars.  It's set in Melbourne, Australia in the 1930s.

Today's toss was a handful of tubular plastic hangers.  I have so many of them that there isn't room to hang more on the hanging place so it's time to pass some of them along.

The prompt today said to list as many types of music as you can think of.  I thought of 18 of them.  How many can you name?

Lots of pre-July Fourth fireworks tonight.  I'll bet there's lots of skeeters too.  It's hot and humid out there.  I'm glad I'm in the air conditioning.


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