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One thing you can be certain of when it comes to simpleHuman’s products are going to make the space that you place them in more organizers, and look a bit more modern.

That goes for both the simplehuman Tension Shower Caddy and the Sink Caddy, which are made to organize the items in both your shower and your kitchen. The company sent me over both and honestly, they’ve received compliments from family and friends alike.

Living in an apartment, chances are your bathroom looks pretty standard, and for my wife and me, it’s quite annoying having all of our products lined up on the side of our bathtub. It’s a huge hazard, and a challenge to keep things like razors, toothbrushes, and more in order. This is where the simplehuman Tension Shower Caddy is there to save the day. Previously I used their over the shower-head shower caddy, but after 5 years of use it was time for an upgrade, and the tension rod-style seemed to fit the decor my wife wanted to go with.

It can be fixed in many different positions, and will be quite a sight for your friends to see when they come over and seemingly peek behind your shower curtain wondering what that silver standing item is. It comes complete with three shelves that allow you to put all of the shampoo, detergent, soap, and larger bottles you can ever imagine in them. There are strategically placed inserts in the shelves so you can place bottles upside down if you like, which is perfect for making sure that you get every single ounce of body wash out of its container. While I personally never use that functionality, it’s a great addition that my wife seems to use whenever I place the bottles upside down for her (only for her to physically grab the bottle anyways).

The tension rod promises to be a secure fit with multiple fits and grippy rubber feet that will stretch from the bathtub to the ceiling of your bathroom, even in corners. What’s more, if your bathroom doesn’t have a towel hanger, there’s two for you and a spouse to set your wash clothes and towels on. On top of that, there are additional storage hooks for things like loofahs, facial cleansers, and razors, which keeps them separate from all of the other items.

In terms of our kitchen we wanted something a bit similar, which would allow us to store our sponges and brushes without them sitting on our countertop caddy which is very unsanitary. This is where simplehuman’s Sink Caddy with suction cup comes in handy. With a pop our brush holder, the Sink Caddy will fit longer brushes, but also boasts ventilation so wet sponges and brushes can dry naturally without adding built up gunk and bacteria inside the caddy itself.

Both the Shower and Sink Caddy promise to be rust-proof, and have a very anodized aluminum finish that looks great anywhere you place them. While mine have not suffered rust yet, I plan on updating this article in the event that they do.

If you are interested in the Shower Caddy, you can purchase it for $139.99, while the Sink Caddy will be $16.99 both on Amazon, but you can purchase them both directly at simplehuman’s website today.

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What I Like: Durable and rustproof items will make your kitchen sink and bathroom shower a bit more organized

What Needs Improvement: I’d love to see the sink Caddy be a bit wider
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