The 31 Best-Selling Amazon Organizers For Your Home That Customers Are Raving About

If you're in need of some organization help these 31 Amazon organizers will take your home organization game to a whole new level.

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Whether you're living in an apartment or house it is almost guaranteed you are going to need some organizational products. Without the right organizers your home can feel cluttered and dysfunctional. Trust me... I've been there. Not being able to find what I need or having random items thrown in a drawer drove me absolutely insane so I did some digging on Amazon to find the best products to fix this problem.

I bought and used almost all of these items to organize my own home and now I can’t imagine how I lived without them. These are 31 of the top-rated Amazon organizers that customers (and myself) are obsessed with right now.

This post is all about Amazon organizers.


1. Space Saving Hangers

These space-saving hangers are seriously a game-changer. You can literally triple the amount of stuff that can fit in your closet with these! Customers have left insanely good reviews and can guarantee you’ll be just as obsessed with them.

2. Hanger Clips

For all those annoying clothes that slip off your hangers 24/7, these hanger clips will come in handy. Your closet will stay so organized without all of those clothes on the floor! They come in different colors so you can match your hangers and keep your closet looking great.

3. Hanging Closet Shelves

If you really want to maximize your closet space, these hanging closet shelves will do the trick. They’re especially great when you’re short on drawer/shelf space!


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4. Pants Hangers

Ahh, the absolute best!! Pants always take up so much room in your closet if you hang them, and if you fold them they get too wrinkly! This is definitely the best way to hang pants in your closet so they don’t take up too much room and you can still see them all.

5. Hanging Organizer With Garment Rod

The best 2 in 1 deal you could possibly find to keep up with your closet organization. Not only does this help you maximize shelving space, but the hangers on the bottom are genius!! I would personally use this specifically for all of my workout clothes! I’d fold my shorts, leggings, and shirts, and hang my sweatshirts on the bottom.

6. Cloth Storage Bags

These are so ideal for storing your clothes for different seasons. If you’re stuck with a small closet, you can use these storage bags to keep your out-of-season clothes under your bed!

7. Shoe Storage

Any shoe storage makes life so much easier. The shoe storage shelf is perfect for a coat closet so you can easily grab shoes on the go. The closet door shoe storage is ideal if you live with roommates so you can keep all of your shoes in your room!


8. Three-Tier Rolling Cart

This three-tier rolling cart is absolutely perfect for a bathroom. It can be used to organize products or towels and really works to maximize the space!

9. Under The Sink Storage Shelf With Sliding Basket Drawers

Under-the-sink storage makes cleaning easier than ever. You’ll always know exactly where different products are and with the drawer, they’re really easy to grab instead of having to reach far under the sink.

10. Rotating Makeup Organizer

This rotating makeup organizer will have you setting a record time for putting on makeup. You’ll be able to find everything so easily and everything stays way cleaner!

11. Stackable Clear Plastic Organizers

These are so perfect for under the sink or on a shelf! You can easily see what’s inside and they help keep everything so organized.

12. Shower Storage Organizer

Having a shower storage organizer is so necessary. If you have roommates it’s the perfect way to keep all of your shower products separate, but it’s also just a great way to make your shower look so much cleaner!

13. Counter Storage Shelves

Counter storage shelves are all the rave lately. If you don’t have a medicine cabinet to keep your skincare products in, this works so well. This also looks so much more organized than having your products all around the sink!

14. Towel Rack

Towel racks look so much better than trying to shove your towels into a drawer or keeping them hidden on a shelf! This way you can flaunt your trendy towels and they’re easily accessible.


15. Pantry Storage Containers

Food storage containers are a game-changer. They make your pantry look so organized and it’s easy to see when things are running low. Having an organized pantry is one of the best feelings in the world and we are here for it!

16. Acrylic Lazy Susan

This lazy Susan is perfect for spices or soup cans in a pantry. You can turn it easily and it helps you see everything you have in your pantry so things don’t get left in the dust and go bad. 

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17. Ziplock Bag Fridge/Freezer Organizer

This is probably one of the coolest ways to organize I’ve ever seen. This works in either the fridge or freezer so you can always see what you have! No sandwich bag left behind when using this bad boy.

18. Over-The-Cabinet Organizer

Using an over-the-cabinet organizer helps maximize your space throughout the entire kitchen. You can use it in your pantry or your fridge! I would totally use these for my eggs and all of my drinks I keep in the fridge like vitamin water and bubbly water!

19. Knife Drawer Organizer

This organization definitely puts safety first. It’s the best way to keep your knives organized if you don’t have a knife block, and it prevents you from hurting yourself when reaching into the drawer! This is the one I have been using for a couple of months now and I seriously love it!

20. Plastic Drawer Organizers - 25 Piece Set

The customer reviews on the plastic drawer organizer set are literally insane. You can use these in any area of your kitchen (or really any room of your home) and they will take your organization game to a whole new level. I use these in my kitchen, and I give them all the credit for my tea drawer organization!

21. Pots And Pans Organizing Rack

This pots and pans organizing rack saves so much space in your cabinets! It will also prevent your pots and pans from getting scratched, and it’s a perfect way to keep track of the covers too!


22. Under-The-Desk Drawer

In the bathroom in my apartment, I have counter space without cabinets underneath. Since I only have two drawers in my bathroom I needed additional storage space. I used a rolling cart under the counter but I still needed more drawers for small items I use frequently.

This “under-the-desk” drawer was the perfect solution. Although I used it under my bathroom counter instead of a desk, it functioned the same way and gave me the storage space I desperately needed. It was super easy to install and is completely renter-friendly. Whether you need more desk storage or more bathroom storage like me, this is the perfect organizer to do it.

23. Under-The Bed Storage Bags

You know all those heavy jackets you only wear during the cold winter months? The formal dresses you pull out maybe once a year? Yeah, those are taking up a ton of room in your closet that you could be using to organize your more frequently worn clothing.

Instead of taking up space in your main closet with seasonal clothes, opt for organizing them in under-the-bed storage bags. Under-the-bed storage keeps your less frequently worn clothing close by and out of sight without taking up much-needed closet space. These storage bags from Amazon are great because they are heavy-duty enough to keep your things clean and organized but not too heavy that they are a pain to take out from under your bed. Plus, they have mesh on top so you can easily see and find what you need without having to take everything out.

24. Over-The-Door Pocket Organizer

I think we have established that utilizing vertical space through over-the-door organizers is the best way to create extra storage so it should be no surprise that this is a top-rated Amazon organizer. Use these over-the-door storage pockets in your bathroom, closet, bedroom, or even pantry to store anything and everything you don’t have room for otherwise.

25. Plastic Storage Bin Organizer

When it comes to organizing you really can’t go wrong with plastic bins. I used these in every bathroom cabinet in my house and they work perfectly to keep items organized and in one area. Plus, they are clear so you can easily see exactly what is in every bin.

26. Woven Storage Baskets

If you’re wanting to organize items that are outside of cabinets, wicker baskets are the way to go. Not only do they keep your things organized, but they are opaque so the items inside aren’t able to be seen. My rule of thumb is to use clear organizers inside cabinets to find what I need easily and wicker baskets outside of cabinets to avoid visual clutter.

There are a ton of super cute baskets on Amazon that organize and hold a ton of stuff! Not to mention baskets make every room look cuter.

27. Bart Cart

People are absolutely loving using bar carts to organize and decorate this year-myself included! I used one in my kitchen to create a stylish bar area but bar carts are also amazing to use in bathrooms! Organize and decorate your bar cart with jars and baskets to add extra storage to any room.

28. Cleaning Supplies Wall Organizer

 Is anyone else’s cleaning closet a disaster? Mine was too.

This Amazon organizer is the perfect solution to your clutter cleaning closet. Install this organizer on the back of your door or wall to organize your brooms, mops, duster, and other cleaning supplies. This will keep all your cleaning items in one easy-to-find place and off the floor.

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29. Over-The-Door Mirror Jewelry Organizer

While a small counter jewelry organizer may be just what you need, if you have a large collection of jewelry you may be looking for something bigger. Not only does this Amazon organizer allow you to store a ton of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, it also functions as a full-length mirror to hang over your door which almost everyone needs in their room anyway. Why not kill two birds with one stone by using this full-length mirror to organize and hide all your nice jewelry?!

30. Necklace Organizer

The over-the-door mirror jewelry organizer is perfect for those with a large collection of jewelry but sometimes you may want to just take a necklace off before bed or a shower. A small counter jewelry organizing stand like this cute gold one is the perfect thing to buy to do just that! With this organizer, you won’t have to worry about your jewelry falling down the drain or getting lost while you’re taking it off for just a short amount of time.

31. Over-The-Cabinet Organizer

I am here to tell you first hand, these over-the-cabinet organizers are life-changing. The area on the inside of your cabinet door is pretty much wasted space so why not utilize it with these organizers? These fit right over your cabinet to hold items you frequently use and keep them nearby but out of sight. 

I use these under my kitchen sink to organize sponges and cleaning supplies I use to wash dishes as well as under my bathroom sink to store my hairdryer and hair products. Absolutely love using these to organize and recommend them to all my friends.

This post was all about the best Amazon organizers.

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