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Very often, we’re disorganized and carry our dirty clothes in an inconvenient bag or simply by hand. This is unhygienic! There are bags, carts, and trollies meant to carry our dirty load of clothes. People call them “Laundry Sorters” and “Laundry Baskets.”

What people buy depends on the number of people in the family. Also, how convenient each thing is. Users often go for one or the other. But why choose if you can have the best of both the types? Why make compromises when you can have it all?
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I documented my experience with some of the best laundry sorters (and hampers/baskets) that can withstand continuous use and abuse of ours and our kids at home. If you’re looking for one for your family, these short reviews will grant you a sneak-peek into each product’s features and benefits.
Top Laundry Sorters You Can Buy This Year
Sometimes, choosing the smallest furniture for our houses can prove to be tricky. Laundry sorters are considered to be “Hit or Miss.” Either you get the best one, or you don’t. Well… not on my watch! I’ve assorted some of the leading brands and their products on my list. Have a good read!
1. Seville Classics Mobile 3-Bag Laundry Sorter Cart Sale Seville Classics Mobile 3-Bag Heavy-Duty Laundry... Buy on Amazon
If you’re a nitpicky guy like me and like some space on your cart, Seville Classic 3-Bag laundry sorter is the way to go. This thing comes with a sturdy steel frame. I’ve seen some products bend or break due to accidents. Thankfully, Seville Classics can hold itself just fine with the thick tubular bars in place.

When I say bars, it’s easy to think that this Laundry Hamper Cart only has two bars up top. No sir! Seville features three additional steel bars at the bottom. These bars will keep your laundry bags in place when they are overfilled.

“This Hamper Sorter Cart is Spacious,” I mean it. This “Heavy Duty Laundry Sorter” comes with a dimension of 19.5″ D x 30″ W x 33″ H. Trust me, it’s enough for the entire family of tall guys.

That’s not all! It features three canvas compartments as the name implies. Each section has 2 cubic feet of space. It’s more than enough for large size clothes. Moreover, three compartments give people ample options to sort different types of garments and undergarments. 

Sometimes, I feel like going a bit “Hands On” with my laundry. Thankfully, this mobile sorter cart features removable laundry bags as well. This is 9.5″ in depth, 15.75″ in width and 23.3″ in height. Yes, the makers didn’t compromise even in the case of the small stuff.

Each bag features steel handlebars for durability AND silicon wrapped hangers as well. Can you wash or iron these bags? Sure, you can! When dirty, just throw them in the washing machine with the laundry. It’s that simple!

People can push it around the house if they choose to. That’s why the “Mobile” part is in the name. You have tall handles with this thing. As a result, pushing it forward or back isn’t that much of an effort.

Seville Classics comes with four wheels. I’d say the diameter of these wheels is 2 inches. Metal hardware keeps the joints in place even during hectic times when you need to be quick on your feet.

Two of these four wheels can be locked. The locking mechanism keeps it steady for occasions when you stop moving it and take care of random things. Don’t worry, they won’t jam even after a year or two of use. When done using, feel free to roll this thing into a closet or put it beneath an alcove.

With so many features and benefits, this thing must take ages to assemble, right? No! Assembling this piece of furniture literally took me 15 minutes. I just had to screw different parts together. It’s so easy that even the elderly of the house can take care business.
2. Simple Houseware 3-Bag Laundry Sorter Cart Simple Houseware Heavy-Duty 3-Bag Laundry Sorter... Buy on Amazon
If you want a sorter card sturdier than Seville, Simple Houseware can be a viable option. There’s not much difference when it comes to space Simple Houseware provides with this product and my previous choice. If anything, this one emphasizes on durability with an additional steel bar at the back.

This horizontal bar provides some much-needed strength to the steel frame. That too, without compromising the sleekness and beauty of it. In fact, the chrome finish makes this eye-candy an easy to clean furniture. Including the bar at the back, I could count as many as six horizontal bars in place.

With the dimensions of 29.5” in Length, 17.5” in Width, and 33” in Height (including the casters at the bottom) … the frame looks compact. It won’t take up much space in the room. The frame is not heavy on gimmicks.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the design. The bags in this cart can each hold clothes up to 13 gallons of weight. This is perfect for people who tend pile on their garments and undergarments for that one day of the week when its time for laundry. I’ve seen people put as many as six soccer balls in the bags whereas traditional ones can fit only two.

Unlike the cheaper products, these bags are fairly sturdy. My friends and neighbors didn’t have any issues where the bags get torn after substantial usage. Don’t worry, the bags are washable as well.

However, I won’t advise people to bleach the bags.

So, can you iron Simple Houseware sorting cart like the previous contender on this list?

The short answer is no, you can’t. That’s a limitation I had to get out of the way.

You have four wheels at the bottom covered by a steel frame. These casters help people in moving this lightweight laundry sorter around the house and in laundry shops. Two of the four wheels are equipped with brakes. These brakes work wonders when you need to slow down or halt the cart.

Furthermore, these casters do a wonderful job when it comes to balancing the load as well.  It’s the best triple laundry sorter around if you have a large washing machine.
3. SONGMICS Heavy-Duty 4-Bag Rolling Laundry Sorter Sale SONGMICS Heavy-Duty 4-Bag Rolling Laundry Sorter... Buy on Amazon
SONGMICS is a brand I feel comfortable with. It has a reputation to back several claims that it makes. Laundry carts aren’t any different. If you’re feeling it’s not enough with the 3-bag carts that are out there, having an extra bag helps big time. That’s where this product fits in.

Unlike so many products out there, SONGMICS frame is well-built. Yes, it is traditional steel framing but the steel bars aren’t hollow inside. Instead, you have thickened bars that support the weights of the furniture AND the heavy laundry that we do every week.

The frame is 35 inches at the back, 29.5 inches at the front. And it is 35.5 inches in width. This makes it perfect for small laundry rooms. One can store it beside a washing machine, put it beneath an alcove or take the removable bags out to put in the closet. This saves a tremendous amount of space in the house.

Don’t worry about rusts folks, SONGMICS guys have used a rust-proof black oxide coating on this piece of furniture for our convenience.

I casually dropped another benefit of this furniture. Yes, the bags are removable. More importantly, all four of these bags are made from 600D polyester. Yes, these things are STURDY. They won’t tear up even if users put them through rigorous punishment day in day out.

These bags are waterproof as well. When soaked in water, fabrics don’t catch on. Instead, I found the water droplets dripping off the bags without affecting the fabrics in any way.

I could carry these bags without problems thanks to the lifting handles. This is particularly beneficial if you don’t have separate rooms for laundry. Grab the bags and take them to the cleaners!

Also, people can mark these bags with a sharpie if they choose to. Marking each bag allows you to keep different types of laundry in perfect order.

This is not the end of the story for SONGMICS. I still have to go over the casters. You have four of these. Each wheel is covered with a steel frame. Make no mistake, these things are sturdy! Also, these casters don’t get stuck while you roll them on the floor. Take it from me, there won’t be any squeaky noises.

One thing I found beneficial is the fact that the floors weren’t damaged when I dragged it to my laundry room. I have wooden floors and I didn’t notice a single scratch on them.

With numerous benefits and perks to its name, it must prove to be quite a handful when installing, right? No! On the contrary, you’ll find it easy to put together. Sure, you’ll need some tools. But all of the tools needed are provided with the package. You don’t need to step out of the house to buy one.
4. Sorbus Bathroom Tower Hamper Sorbus Bathroom Tower Hamper - Features Tilt... Buy on Amazon
Want a laundry sorter that can hold your dirty attire and save you some space at the same time? Try your hands at Sorbus Tower Hamper. One of the many good things about this piece of furniture is that one can keep it in and at a corner in the loo or bathroom.

So, what’s the fuss about? Why is it one of the best rated laundry sorters around?

One of the many reasons can be the design of Sorbus. It’s a two-tier laundry sorter with a tilting design. It’s meant for the entire family. It has a tilting mechanism in place. The elderly in the house can easily access this towering furniture.

I say bathroom but one can keep it stacked anywhere. If people have laundry rooms in their houses, that’s even better. Don’t forget that you have a tilting laundry hamper as well. The basket has considerable depth. Personally speaking, it can hold two weeks’ worth of my laundry inside.

Don’t worry, the laundry basket tilts at the front and not back. This is all thanks to the slatted steel frame beneath. Wondering which clothing articles can you keep inside the basket? Well, it holds normal clothes, linens, towels, undergarments, and anything else you throw inside.

The steel frame is sturdy as well. Black Oxide coating saves it from rust. This is perfect for small and studio apartments. It can also double as a bookshelf.

I keep my magazines (God knows you need those in bathrooms), towels, soaps, towels, hand-wash sachets etc. on the shelves. Let me tell you, this little thing is the perfect addition to my bathrooms. I’d know with girls in the household. Boys benefit from it too.

So, is the hamper removable? You bet it is! In fact, it is portable as well.

There’s a carry handle on top of the hamper. It’s lightweight as well. One can simply carry it over to the laundry station without having to tow the entire thing around. Convenient!

Also, you get an “Over-the-Toilet” version of the product. It’s approximately 35.75 inches of height when you measure from the floor to the first shelf. People keep asking me if this shelf will have problems with high-humidity bathrooms, or not? To answer them, “No, they won’t.”

In a nutshell, Sorbus is what I’ll call a bang for your buck when you’re picky about performance and price.
5. Ollieroo Laundry Sorter Cart 4-Bag Classics Rolling Laundry Sorter Sale Ollieroo Laundry Sorter Cart 4-Bag Classics... Buy on Amazon
Going back to traditional laundry sorters, Ollieroo deserves a spot on my list as well. This thing has four bags. One of the best things about Ollieroo is the fact that the bags are made from canvas clothing. That means you don’t have to worry about the maintenance. People can wash these things at will.

All four bags are super strong. I mean, they have 600D Oxford clothing material. It’s breathable so the bags won’t sweat under intense heat. Naturally, dust won’t be able to bear an impact on the bags as well. You’ll find mesh covering at the bottom of these bags.

Wondering what these will contribute to “Already Strong” bags? These prove to be a great help when you put too much weight into the bags with clothes. Thanks to these, the bottom won’t tear and fall off.

Wondering just how much weight you can put on the bags? The answer is, “A Lot.” Well, it’s 60KG per bag to be precise.

By now, you’d have guessed that the bags are removable. Yes. They are. One can carry these bags with strong, built-in handles. Once you decide to reattach these things, just hang them on the frame using rubber hangers. Rubber hangers protect the frame from being scratched after repeated usage.

Enough about the bags, how is the framing of the furniture? As it turns out, pretty good! The sorter cart features steel frames that don’t catch on rust or any other degradations. Joints of the frame are covered with rubber so that people can pick apart or assemble the entire thing without problems.

People have instructions on how to proceed when assembling the entire thing. The limited number of tools required. Nothing too extravagant. Look around and you’ll find the tools in the house.

Getting further down to the wheels, these things are no joke! You have a set of four wheels. Use these to roll the cart around as you please. Two of these four wheels have brakes. These brakes do what they are supposed to. Users can control the rolling speed of the cart.

People might tell you that this is a wobbly furniture. Is it? No! The wheels can be controlled and be rolled in any direction you need to. Moving it around isn’t a problem at all. That is, unless you pair an ironing board with it. This is not a sorter that compliments an ironing board. Be mindful of that and you’ll be fine.
6. HOMEST Laundry Basket   HOMEST Laundry Basket 3 Sections, Large Dirty... Buy on Amazon
I know people who don’t like oversized sorters. They hate pulling or pushing these objects. That’s why I decided to add a compact laundry basket on my list of best laundry sorters at this point. If you’re thinking, “What could a basket do to solve the laundry problem?” You’re in for a surprise.

For example, the bags are 25.5″ in Length, 16.5″ in Width, and 23″ in Height. Do you think that this basket is cheating on you by reducing the size? No. In fact, the bags can hold 3 laundry loads at a time. It will save users the time to run multiple errands around the house to rope up laundry.

Did I mention that the bags are color-coded? You have three bags in light, normal, and dark colors. The color code means that people can keep different types of clothing inside when they need to.

Can you detach these bags individually? No. But look at the bright side of things. The space allows people to put in weekly laundry of two adults and two children. That too, without causing much of a fuss for anybody in the house.

Don’t worry about “Over-stuffing” the bags. There’s a “Clasp-based Locking Mechanism” in place. It settles in perfect place to make sure laundry items don’t drop off while transporting.

The frame is a bit small for my liking. I wouldn’t lie to you. I had my doubts. As it turns out, Aluminum-made frame isn’t just talk. It’s lightweight (because, aluminum) and sturdy at the same time. The “X” shaped frame allows stability for the bags. It’s easy to assemble as well. You’ll find instructions tagged along the package.

Small frame means small footprint as well. You can keep it beside your regular luggage suitcase or anywhere else in the house. Whenever not in use, the basket nicely folds up to save space even more. You can keep it in the closet during idle times.

One thing that wasn’t up to my liking is the fact that I couldn’t wash this thing in the washing machine. Rather I had to wipe clean the sorter. It won’t work well when you have too much dirt on the bags.
7. WeHome 4 Bag Laundry Sorter Cart Sale WeHome 4 Bag Laundry Sorter Cart, Laundry Hamper... Buy on Amazon
As we come down to the last contender on my list, I opted to go traditional. You have a 4-bag laundry sorter with a cast iron frame. Now, I know. Cast Iron makes the framing strong and durable but increases the weight. This is the tradeoff you have to make if you want your laundry sorter to last.

Further enforcing the durability and stability are the three crossbars at the bottom of the frame. Along with cast iron, we have metal finish. The finish makes the entire frame impervious to rust. Putting it together is not a big deal. WeHome comes with everything you need to assemble the entire package.

It took me more or less 20 minutes to get the entire thing together. With WeHome, you don’t need additional laundry accessories. It comes with all guns (notice the pun?) included.

I was surprised seeing each of the four bags holding at least 25 lbs. of laundry. The bags are not interwoven like the previous HOMEST product on the list. Instead, people can take each one out separately. Moreover, the linen used in the making of these laundry bags is waterproof. One can wash it by hand.

Want to carry the bags individually to the laundry mart? You can! These bags come with a hanger. Just detach it from the frame up top and you’re good to go. The fabric doesn’t put extra weight on your hands. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Done already? Hold on! I didn’t tell you the good part yet! The linen saves you from the unpleasant smell of clothes. God knows we need saving from a week-old laundry. When you have space in the bags, a week-old laundry is the least amount you expect it to hold inside.

If the bags go to waste, people can buy replacement bags as well.

I’ve got to tell my readers about the casters that come with the package. These rolling casters are made from TPR. Expect them to last the long haul. Also, they roll well on any type of surface. I’d not worry about these things getting stuck anywhere.

However, I don’t advice people to buy this if they have a laundry room downstairs.

The USP of the product and brand has to be customer service. I’ve seen my neighbors contact manufacturers for incorrect instructions for one of the sorter carts. The company reached to them and sorted the issue right away! Kudos to them!
How to Go About Buying A Laundry Sorter?
Take it from a regular user, not a lot of websites will tell you the process of sifting through the brands. Because, we just pick one. A laundry sorter cart is just another furniture, right? YOU’RE WRONG. Buying a product like this requires care and logical thinking as well. Let’s put the checklist on paper and note down the factors I kept in mind while coming up with my list.
Choose the Material: Metal or Plastic?
Sorter carts made of plastic and metal are equally popular. Both of these materials have their perks and negatives. It comes down to which things you’re prioritizing. For example, plastic laundry sorters aren’t prone to rust of any kind. These things won’t abnormally warp and mess up the shape of the cart.

I personally went for metal frames. These frames grant your furniture stability and durability at the same time. Steel or cast-iron frames work well when you need a large enough sorter for your family. These things often accommodate bags or compartments that can be used on their own.

Yes, metal laundry sorters are heavier compared to plastic. But I think weight is a fair-enough tradeoff when we need a bit of space on our side. Besides, Aluminum frames are good options when you need the combo of lightweight and sturdy.

Some of the best laundry sorters with hanging bars belong to this category.

If you have somewhat of a space problem, go for laundry baskets. These things weigh a lot less than plastic or framed products. Laundry baskets have more depth than width. So, they don’t eat up much space at all. In fact, one can keep these things folded in a closet when not in use. Also, baskets are easier to carry around than their cousins.
The Shape, Size, and Finishing Are Important
While laundry sorters come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, I’d not advise you to go for anything other than rectangular-shaped ones. These products hold more laundry than any others out there. I understand people tend to go for baskets that hug their hips. They look pretty but hold less clothes.

Also, don’t go for round sorters. Aesthetically pleasing as they are, they can’t hold folded clothes at all.

Noticed the fact that I used the term “Load of Laundry?” Well, a sorter cart/laundry hamper/basket has a unit of measurement to see how much clothe it can handle. It’s called “Bushell.” An average product can range from 1.5 – 2.2 Bushell. In layman’s terms, 1.6 means one trip to the laundry with full baskets.

Multiple interwoven or separate bags increase the laundry holding capacity for a cart or basket.

Now that we’re done with the shape and size, let’s focus on the finish. It’s extremely important for people that eye carts or trollies. Ideally, you’d want a smooth finish. Chrome finish is useful as it guards the cart against rust or dampness of any kind. Carts with a smooth finish won’t tug, pull or snag our clothes.   
Be Attentive to the Type of Handles
Handles may be small pieces in a large puzzle, but they are important. You need to be comfortable when dragging these things around. I chose furniture with plastic handles, hangers, and thick bars that position my hands well when pushing or pulling. Users need to detach the bags from the frame to access those.

Some of the brands have ridges for easy maneuvering. Trust me, these things will pry inside your flesh if you’re not careful enough. It’s best to avoid them altogether. When dealing in baskets, they have pre-made portions that work as handles. Some of the brands equip handles with cushions as well.
Let’s Address the Laundry Bags
I found two types of bags when shopping for these items. One type is interwoven. You have two or three bags stitched together to function as one. Sometimes there are partitions in between. These often are color-coded. People get to sort different types of clothes in different portions of the hamper.

It’s useful to look for these when you’re considering a laundry hamper and not a cart. Go for these if you have a small room or a studio apartment for yourselves. Users will save themselves some space as well.

Separate baskets are great to have for a moderate to large-size family. One can unhook these bags and carry them individually to the laundry mart. These are lovingly called, “Compartments.” Whether you go for three or four-bag sorters is up to you and number of folks that live with you. 
Maneuverability is the Key
I need to feel at ease when moving my furniture around. I don’t go for carts that are hard to push or pull. My hands are precious to me. That’s why I chose laundry carts with competent wheels or casters. I have kids in the house. I can’t go “High-speed Cart Racing” at home.

That’s why I chose casters with good brakes. I advise people to go for TRP casters as they last longer than any other material. TRP is lightweight as well. Some of the best heavy-duty laundry sorters feature lightweight wheels to get the balance just right.

When looking at wheels, make sure they are covered. Wheels can collect dust and rust as well. It’s better to go for steel covers to bring the chances to a naught.
Decided Which One to Buy Yet?
I’ll be blunt with you. Amassing the best laundry sorters within my specifications was hard. I knew what I was looking for. I had my priorities set. Yet, it took me some time and digging to find the ideal candidates. One model won’t do for everyone, I know. But a list will do.

If you’re looking for a minimalistic container for all your dirty clothing articles, any one of the hampers/baskets will do the trick. A hamper is small, tidy, easy to store, and lightweight.

Do your folks live with you? Surely, a laundry cart (possibly a 4-bag product) will handle your week-old laundry. Honestly, these things are great when you decide to stroll down the block to the shop as well.

Whatever you end up choosing, keep an eye on the cost vs. benefit graph. If you care for it, the basket/cart will do the job for a number of years to come.

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