Air Fryer Garlic Parmesan Broccoli

A bowl of crispy air fryer garlic Parmesan broccoli.

This 5-min deliciously roasted, super crispy air fryer garlic Parmesan broccoli is sure to become a favorite staple side dish. If there’s one veggie you need to try in the air fryer, this is it. I don’t normally post vegetable recipes but with this being one of our favorite ways to cook veggies, I thought it deserved its own post. The air fryer transforms the broccoli from your average vegetable to these ultra-crispy, Parmesan-infused veggies with a peppery bite. Aside from air fryer honey garlic salmon, this is the next favorite thing I’ve made in the air fryer so far. I’m a believer in making the last bite of the meal the best-tasting thing on your plate and I’ve sometimes had a hard time choosing between the two. So if there’s one vegetable you should try in the air fryer, it’s this broccoli. Let’s get started. AIR FRYER GARLIC PARMESAN BROCCOLI TIPS AND TRICKS Air fryer: I have two types of air fryers. I use the 10 Qt. oven-style air fryer for bigger meals with proteins on one tray and veggies on the other and the egg-shaped smaller capacity air fryer for quick meals. I’ve tested this recipe with both […]

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