One Pot Garlic Butter Chicken and Rice with Broccoli

One pot meals are ALWAYS the best! Less dishes, less work, but still delicious. This Garlic Butter Chicken and Rice is perfect to make for the whole family to enjoy together!

I use my Dutch Oven for this recipe but any large pot with a lid will work.

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You can check out exactly how I plated this meal for my (at that time) 2 year old. On our IG account I share both his plate at the beginning AND what it is like at the end (with additional servings noted in the caption) in order to help other parents gain a realistic veiw on what it is like to feed a toddler.

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Dinner Time! garlic butter chicken & rice (recipe ) roasted broccoli with olive oil raspberries - Swipe over to see what Jax(2yo) ate! - *We start all meals with SMALLER PORTIONS however he is able to ask for MORE of ANYTHING we are eating at that particular meal- this reduces food waste and teaches intuitive eating. See portion size highlight for more information* After the most energetic day ever seriously there wasnt one toy in or outside the house that we didnt play with today- Jax worked up a big appetite! He ate absolutely EVERYTHING!! He then asked for MORE raspberries, MORE broccoli (2x), and MORE rice (2x)!! I have always honored his hunger and satiety (fullness) cues and allowed him to eat until hes done and it has truly been amazing!! As someone who struggles with anxiety, learning about and how to implement the division of Responsibility during meal times has truly been incredible! I am able to focus on the areas I have control over: what we eat, where we eat (sometimes we do picnics but usually at the table), and when we eat (according to our usual meal/snack schedule but with a little flexibility because we have to be realistic). And then I have learned to let go and let him take control of what he eats (from what I offer) and how much (if any). Trusting HIS BODY to eat what it needs- rather than trying to force him to eat a certain amount or trying to beg or bribe him to eat with a reward. We just EAT! And enjoy that time together if you want to learn more about @ellyn_satter_institute Division of Responsibility check out my highlight saved to our page!

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The evening meal can always seem like the most stressful so I love being able to share quick and healthy meals that your whole family can enjoy! I also encourage you to look for fun ways to include your little one(s) in meal prep. It can be a great learning experience as well as a chance for them to explore new or less favorable foods. Learn more about cooking with your toddler here.

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