17 Useful Tricks to Solve Everyday Problems

Sometimes our ordinary, everyday problems can be troublesome, but they don’t have to be if we approach them creatively. And if your own ingenuity is not enough, you can use what others have invented.

Here are a handful of tricks that make everyday life easier.

#1 You can easily remove all kinds of labels with a hair dryer


#2 Cleaning bathroom tiles will be much easier if you use an electric toothbrush


#3 Put a glass of water in the microwave. when you heat food it dries out and becomes hard. with water you can prevent this


#4 You may not believe it, but it really works (although it will obviously reduce battery life)


#5 Toaster not working? no problem! use a stove!


#6 If you don’t have a key of the right size, you can use a coin like this to get around it


#7 When hanging something with two hooks, use painter’s tape and a level to get accurate marks on the wall. Then hammer in the nails and peel off the tape


#8 Use garbage bags to easily pack clothes that are on hangers before moving


#9 If you often make cold packs, freeze a sponge soaked in water. you won’t have to use frozen food for that 🙂 .


#10 With this solution you will avoid a lot of dust and debris flying around the room while drilling


#11 To attach the poster to the wall and not destroy the wallpaper with pins, just use a safety pin and a small magnet


#12 If you like to eat watermelon with a spoon, you can use this trick so you don’t need a separate plate for the seeds


#13 Use different colored earbuds to easily distinguish between left and right earbuds


#14 If you have a broken laptop stand, you can use a picture frame as a temporary solution


#15 Most cooktops can and are worth cleaning underneath


#16 Hot glue some magnets to your drill to keep screws handy while you work


#17 Use white nail polish to make it easier to read the obliterated tool markings


Which one are you most likely to use?

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