I looked out at the garden this morning and saw a Hummingbird making the rounds of the bee balm.  I grabbed the camera and went out there but as soon as I stopped the bird flew away.  Drat.  Then a couple hours later I looked out the window over the sink to see a Hummingbird sitting on the honeysuckle so I got the camera and managed to take its picture through the patio door.  Later on I saw it visiting the honeysuckle again, went out to try again, but once again it zipped away.  But at least I got it when it was sitting still.

The daisies are holding up well.  One of them has a Japanese Beetle on it and you can see that the bee balm is fading but the daisies are thriving.

Dad's rose is blooming.  One flower on the top of a cane and there are a few buds on the others.  So far it doesn't look like the Japanese Beetles have found the roses to chomp on.

I thought that I had trimmed off all of the buds from the purple mums last month but I evidently missed one because there's a little purple flower nestled up against the house.  I'll go snip it tomorrow.

Today I took all of the tosses to St. Vincent de Paul.  They're a little farther away than Goodwill but I like that they'll take things that Goodwill won't, like hangers.  I can't for the life of me figure out why Goodwill won't take hangers.  People donate clothes all the time and they need to hang them up.  Why buy hangers when you can get them donated?

The prompt today asked what's the last thing you do at night?  I listen to a healing meditation after I turn out the light.  Have done it for years.

This morning I went for my annual visit with my Edward Jones broker.  My portfolio is doing well and we made some decisions to balance it a little better.  She makes me feel smart when I do what she recommends.


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