Get Your Home Insanely Tidy With These 18 Storage Organization Ideas

Searching for the best storage organization ideas? Here are some of our favorite tips, tricks, and products to tidy up your home.

storage organization ideas

Living in an apartment the last few years I quickly realized that storage organization is a must. Small spaces mean less room to just throw things in an attic and call it a day. I really had to learn to be smart with my space and find efficient ways to organize all my stuff.

Not only did using these storage organization ideas give me a ton more room for my stuff, but it also made it so much easier to quickly find what I needed. Plus, who doesn’t love opening a closet or drawer and things looking insanely organized?

These storage organization ideas are the exact ones I used in my apartment to keep my things clean and tidy and my space has never looked and felt better. From easy organizing ideas to storage products that changed my life these are all the best storage organization ideas that I swear by.

PS. For almost all my storage organization ideas, I have an entire post dedicated to showing you exactly how I did so make sure to check those out as well! I will link those later on in this post.

This post is all about the best storage organization ideas.


1. Use Baskets & Labels To Organize Your Pantry

storage organization ideas pantry
pantry storage organization ideas

Recreate this storage organization idea:

One of the best things I ever organized in my apartment was my pantry. It drove me absolutely crazy to open my pantry and have to search for the food I needed. Not to mention a ton of food ended up going to waste just because it was pushed towards the back and forgotten about.

To organize my pantry I bought a ton of large bins and labeled them (baking, snacks, drinks, etc.) This made everything so much easier to find and just look so much better overall. Opening my pantry is now an ~experience~ rather than an annoyance.

2. Lazy Susans Make Organizing Canned Food Easy

food storage organization ideas

Recreate this storage organization idea:

Lazy Susans are one of the best organizing products ever. They can be used to organize so many things but they come in super handy in the pantry. Use a turntable like this one to organize canned foods and other pantry items. This will make finding what you need super easy because you won’t have to go searching through cans to find what you need.

If you want to see even more products and ideas I used to organize my pantry you can read that post here: 6 Realistic Tips + Tricks To Small Pantry Organization That I Swear By


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3. Budget-Friendly Garage Organization

garage storage organization ideas

Recreate this storage organization idea:

Definitely felt like a 40-year-old dad with how excited I got over organizing my garage but hey how can you not appreciate how insanely good this looks?

I was able to organize my entire garage for under $500 which is actually SO good compared to the price people pay for built-in shelving and other garage organization products.

It takes a little physical labor but all you need to organize your garage are metal shelving units like these ones from Amazon, lots and lots of bins, and if you’re feeling super ambitious, labels. Here is my post on exactly how I organized my garage if you want to see more: How I Created The Best Garage Organization For Under $500


4. Fridge Organization

kitchen storage organization ideas

Recreate this storage organization idea:

When I was planning my fridge organization, I saw so many storage organization ideas I got pretty excited to organize and let’s say I went a little overboard. I will admit my fridge looked super good, but as I used it I realized it was kind of impractical. I labeled anything and everything in my fridge and it was filled to the brim with containers. What started out as a way to make my fridge more organized led to it becoming the least organized it’s ever been and extremely inefficient.

Now, I am not saying you shouldn’t use containers or labels - I use them to this day and love them. But they must be used in a healthy amount, and make sure not to go overboard like I did the first time! Now for what you should do. Use stackable containers to maximize vertical space in your fridge, keep the food you reach for most often in practical places, and organize according to how much food you need to keep in your fridge.

To read all about my fridge organization journey you can read my post on it here: 16 Brilliant Fridge Organization Ideas to Steal From Professional Organizers

5. Insanely Organized Spice Rack

diy storage organization ideas

Recreate this storage organization idea:

Organizing your spices will instantly make your kitchen feel a whole lot more organized. A little excessive? Possibly. But it sure does make your kitchen cabinets look good. All you need to do this are small glass jars and labels. You can either make your labels using this pack by Avery or buy pre-made spice labels off Etsy.

I also have an entire post on how to recreate this exact spice cabinet organization idea you can read here: How To Create An Insanely Organized Spice Rack On A Budget

6. Kitchen Drawer Organizers

kitchen drawer organization
kitchen drawer organization

Recreate this storage organization idea:

You honestly don’t need too much to create an insanely organized drawer you will actually be happy opening. These plastic drawer organizers keep all your things separated, easy to find, and prevent damage. If there is one storage organization idea you need to be using in your kitchen it’s this! 

Here are a couple of my favorite posts on exactly how to do this:

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Tea Drawer Organization

How I Organize My Silverware Drawer


7. Organize Laundry Room Storage With Baskets

storage closet organization ideas

Here’s a quick overview of my laundry room and it looks pretty dang good if I do say so myself. I agreed not to go too overboard with decor and organization since it is an apartment laundry room but I ended up coming up with something that both looked amazing and was practical in an apartment.

8. Take It One Step Further & Label Your Baskets

laundry storage organization

Recreate this storage organization idea:

Looking for closet storage organization ideas? Here’s a closer look at my storage closet and let me tell you, it’s one totally worth recreating. The best part? It’s both renter-friendly and totally doable even on a tight budget.

All I used to organize the storage closet in my laundry room were these baskets from The Container Store (best-priced baskets out there) and a metal shelf. 

Here is some more info on exactly how I organized my “decor” closet:: How I Organized My Apartment Laundry Room Closet (aka the Decor Closet)


9. Acrylic Bathroom Cabinet Organizers

storage organization ideas

Recreate this storage organization idea:

My bathroom was one spot I wanted to make sure to hit when I was planning out my storage organization ideas. I have a lot, and I mean a lot, of stuff in my bathroom but with these acrylic organizers from Amazon I was able to tidy everything up and make things super easy to find. If you don’t have a lazy Susan organizer to store your bathroom products already, I highly recommend it.

10. Bathroom Drawer Organizers

bathroom drawer organizers

Recreate this storage organization idea:

Bathroom drawer organizers are a holy grail product I will never stop recommending. These make your drawers look super clean and organized and can be switched around to fit in any sized drawer! Plus, you can easily take them out and wash them if (when) they get dirty from toothpaste, dust, hair, etc.

11. Under-the-Sink Shelves

bathroom organization ideas

Recreate this storage organization idea:

If you’re working with a small about of storage space in your bathroom this is a product you need to buy. These storage shelves practically double your space and add drawers for smaller bathroom supplies that would otherwise get lost underneath your cabinets. I used these all throughout college and even in my apartment now and I’m here to tell you they are life-changing.


12. Matching Non-Slip Hangers

closet storage organization ideas

Recreate this storage organization idea:

If I had to recommend one product when it comes to closet storage organization it would %100 be velvet hangers. Not only do these matching hangers make your closet look a whole lot more aesthetically pleasing, they really do keep your clothes on better.

13. Space Saving Pants Hanger

closet organization ideas

Recreate this storage organization idea:

If you’re the type of person who prefers hanging your pants instead of folding them in a drawer you need this product. This will not only keep your pants wrinkle-free but will practically quadruple your closet space. I used these hangers to organize my leggings but you can honestly use them for so many different things!

14. Use Shelf Dividers For Foldable Clothing

closet storage ideas

Recreate this storage organization idea:

Have shelving in your closet? These shelf dividers are game-changers. I have wire shelves in my closet so I used these dividers that hook right onto the shelves. But if you have wooden shelves these acrylic organizers will work perfectly as well! 

You can read more about all my closet storage organization ideas here: Closet Organization Ideas Every Girl Should Know

15. Fold & Store Clothing Sideways

drawer organization ideas

Looking for a new method to store the clothing in drawers? Folding clothing sideways is a method I swear by. This makes finding what you need so much easier and stores clothes much more efficiently. You can also use drawer dividers to further separate all the clothing in your drawers!


16. Organize Your Cleaning Closet With Command Hooks

cleaning closet organization

Recreate this storage organization idea:

Command hooks are widely loved for many reasons and this storage organization idea for your cleaning closet adds another reason to the list. I used these black Command hooks to hang all my cleaning supplies on the back of my door which kept everything organized and off the floor which save a ton of room in my closet. 

You can find the rest of the products used to organize my closet here: 4 Really Smart Cleaning Closet Organization Ideas I Used In My Apartment

17. Junk Drawer Organization

junk drawer organization

Recreate this storage organization idea:

You know that one drawer anything and everything ends up in? The one your entire family knows it’s okay to just throw something in if they don’t know where it goes? If not, you’re more organized than most so props to you. But if you have the dreaded junk drawer at home you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Well, now it’s time to face the task of organizing it. The first step to organizing your junk drawer is to simply throw away all the trash- old pens that don’t work, wrappers that inevitably ended up in the junk drawer for no reason, etc. Once you have everything cleaned out and have taken inventory of what needs to be organized, all you need are drawer organizers. You can find packs of plastic drawer organizers on Amazon and The Container Store for fairly cheap so this organization tip is a game-changer that you can also do on a budget.

18. Under-the-Bed Storage Organization

Under the bed storage is the ultimate way to store seasonal clothing and less frequently used items that allow you to still access it easily if needed but keep it out of sight when not in use. These storage bags are my personal favorite + they’re cheap. 

But, I have a ton more under the bed storage products and ideas that you can find here17 Genius Ways To Create Under The Bed Storage

This post is all about the best storage organization ideas.

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